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Even now, my right place of employment is seeking me. I give thanks that the perfect employment for me is being revealed.

I believe that God knows my needs and opens new doors of good for me. My right place is seeking me.

I give thanks that the perfect place of employment and direction to it are now being revealed!

I launch forth!

I thrust out!

There is NO fear because I ask God to send forth heavenly inspired energies into the resumes and then into work I am fitted to do. My opportunities are boundless and ever at hand. No ancient obstructions can bar the full-fledged freedom of my expression and expansion into radiant success.

Right action begins with me and I am ready to move into action, empowered by God to begin moving and keep moving towards great success.

I am guided by God to the place and location where I am needed, wanted, and appreciated for being me. I am not held in any way to stagnation, or in an area of no career movement.

In the presence of the Presence there is no fear. I believe in taking possession of what God gives me as a step leading to the fulfillment of my heart's desires. As my Bible promises--All that the Father hath is mine, and I take possession of what belongs to me.

I am gifted by God with the talent and the energy needed to succeed at the task at hand. I use my career to the glory of God and the benefit of humankind.

God wants to use me, and needs me. I let my life be what God intended it to be and I am a lasting success. God goes ahead of me preparing my way. God paves the way to the place of my lasting good. I walk easily toward my good infilled with confidence and courage. I have NO fear for God is with me, and I am recognized, wanted, and honored wherever I go.

It is Jesus Christ's name...Amen!

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