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Be not anxious for what you shall eat, or what you shall drink or what you shall wear. Isn't life more than food? and the body more than clothing? Luke 12:22; 29

A human does not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceeds from the mouth of God. Matthew 4:4

The kingdom of God is not eating and drinking, but righteousness and peace, and joy in the Holy Spirit. Romans 14:17

Your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit therefore, glorify God in your body. 1 Corinthians 3:16; 6:19-20

I pray, in Jesus Christ's name, that the full power of God's motivation is in and through me, giving me signals, in human mind, to exercise, first, every day.

I will tone my body and eat in a fashion that rebuilds my body under the Divine blueprint of perfection. I pray that there are new cravings, and the cravings are to move and exert myself, and to eat foods that give my body energy at the cellular level. May the foods I eat store vitality, instead of fatigue and fat.

I pray for a group of friends that will influence me, in positive ways, towards exercise and new eating habits. I pray that they participate with me, giving me companionship along the new road that I have chosen to travel. I pray that we exercise and stretch ourselves, physically, daily.

I pray that, every day, during the first part of the day, I exercise for at least a half an hour to an hour. I find my new activity of exercise fun. I enjoy what is happening to my body and mind. I find that as I eat and exercise appropriately, these acts are pure fuel for my self-esteem.

Daily, I am getting better and better. Daily, I am getting stronger and stronger.

I have great courage as I go towards my weight loss and toning goals. My lifestyle is no longer sedentary. My lifestyle is filled with movement and I find that I have new strength and energy, hourly. My body exerts itself, more and more. I think of exercise before food, and no longer need long periods of rest to recover.

God, constantly, reminds me of what I can become. I am going towards the best shape of my life. I am fit and well.

People want to help me because I want to help myself. I am constantly searching and finding new ways to move my body. I believe in my body and what it is able to accomplish. Dramatic change happens. Nothing is impossible to me, because God is empowering me.

My body image, held within my mind, is toned, fit, and able. With God, there is nothing I cannot accomplish. My body is the Temple of the living God.

I tone myself into strength and perfection. I believe in my mind and in the power of my own accomplishment, I no longer believe in self-failure. I do not look at the path ahead of me as long but, instead, as an adventure in accomplishment. With every milepost gained, I have the satisfaction of victory. There are no plateaus on the road ahead, only clear sailing, because I pray it is so.

The victories of accomplishment are of God and me. God is my exercise partner. I do what is possible and God does the rest, working from center to circumference in me, safely speeding up my metabolism and rebuilding my muscle.

There is a regeneration happening in my body Temple. Sweets no longer have a hold over me; my appetite is for greens and vegetables. My taste buds are changing, and I am feeling great satisfaction from the healthy foods that I eat.

My body is youthening. The power in my body is increasing during the day. I am alive in every cell and muscle with God life; its strength and energy is greater than anything that I have known.

Daily, I am becoming stronger and leaner. My body moves without soreness or pain. I am no longer winded but filled with the breath of life of God. I do not tire but I rest, easily. I do not struggle, for I find that exercise comes easily. I have a newfound, God-given talent.

From the wellspring, within me, I am alive with God life. My body is exhibiting a consciousness that is decades younger. I am no longer the age on my birth certificate, but rather the concept that I project to myself.

Daily, I give to myself, by donating time to do the things that ought to be done by me, to keep my body fit and trim. I no longer desire fast food with its fatty content, but, instead, I enjoy slow food that fuels my body for longer periods of time. I look for food prepared in healthy ways with healthy ingredients. Just as I would not put sugar in the gas tank of my car, I now choose to think of my stomach as the gas tank of my life. Everything that I eat gives me a pickup, in energy and long-term vitality.

My mood is great; my mood is governed by the Christ. God gives me an ability to leap over obstacles that would have stopped me in my exercise regime, before. I find that God gives me a timed-released motivation.

The greatest obstacles of my former self do not hold me back, because God pulls me along to victory. Bad habits are exchanged for good. I have a vision in my mind of the new me, and I now move towards that vision, with God's continuous help. I am filled with God-given desire of complete fulfillment.

in Jesus Christ's name, Amen

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