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God's power is greater than the power of alcohol or drugs in my life.
God in this moment I ask for your help.
Help me to have personal ongoing power over my lower desires.
I know that without this daily God-given power -- I will lose control.

I ask in prayer for a Divine intervention.
Touch and uplift my personal control over momentary temptation.
I pray for immediate help, bring me spiritual as well as human support.
I pray for 10 times the control to abstain.
I pray for God's Will in my own willpower.

I choose to experience the high of sobriety and the rewards it offers,
through a clear head and rational thought.
I experience the reward of realizing that this moment,
I have won the overcoming battles of this day.
God and I have a combined power.
Combined power that can not be overcome and can not be defeated.

I actively work with God's power that does not know relapse.
I pray for protection against my former self and its ways of living.
If I have succumbed to this in the past and am now amidst the wreckage of my life, I know in faith that with God's daily help I can and will rebuild my life anew.
Life with God carries a promise given to me of success.

I choose God's happiness now.
I choose to work with God to rebuild my life, my career, and my relationships.
I choose only alcohol and drug-free associations with others.
Because I choose life over the sickness and death associated with
substance abuse.

I ask God to heal me and satisfy my cravings.
I pray that even in healing I will never forget that I have an
addiction, an addiction that has the power to harm myself and others.
I pray that I continually make a spiritual commitment to new life,
that will never allow entrance, to substances that poison living.
My life is now filled with opportunity that knows no end.

The new party is alcohol and drug-free, filled with sober people committed to our
new lifestyle.
Daily I support, and am supported by, people strongly committed to sobriety.
Motivate me daily, dear God, to attend A.A. or N.A.
Daily I support, and am supported by, my strong faith in God.

God IS my help in every need!

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