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Positive Christianity

The worldwide PRAYER PLACE inside the Internet. Welcoming ALL faiths, excluding no one.

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Escape to Hope Hill our mountain sanctuary private cabin.

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Christ is our inspiration; Faith is our foundation; Prayer is our work.

God's direct help to live better. Realize your dreams and goals. For 22 years - as spiritual supplement to your faith. We support you attending the church of your choice. It's not about you joining us, it's about us joining you. Daily, we pray, support, inspire, motivate, empower – free of charge.

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A new day is dawning for you! This is the Day that The Lord has made.

 The worldwide PRAYER PLACE inside the Internet. Welcoming all faiths, excluding no one.

 Not connected to any church – Positive Christianity is a ministry without physical, or denominational walls, that the world can instantly access, and use, without cost.

Mission statement

With Jesus Christ as the sole head and chief cornerstone of this ministry, we are dedicated to being the world’s best in serving people of all faiths with a positive, uplifting awareness of God; using Advanced Technology with high human touch, we give people instant, equal access to prayer, inspiration, ministerial services, teaching, counseling, and renewal through spiritual retreats.

Our building projects are people’s lives.  We do not strive to build buildings, we strive to build people.


Positive Christianity is the worldwide Internet PRAYER PLACE welcoming all faiths, excluding no one.  This ministry reaches the ends of the earth with a positive message of God.  Not connected to any church, Positive Christianity is a prayer ministry without walls, physical or denominational, that the world can instantly access and use without cost.

Our mission is to uplift humanity, by providing free prayer help, free Daily Inspiration e-mails, free television spiritual support, and free weekly sermons to churches worldwide.