Passing of Rev. Christopher Ian Chenoweth

Passing of Rev. Christopher Ian Chenoweth

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The Message of a Lifetime
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The Message of a Lifetime by Chris Chenoweth

I went to Kroger’s grocery store the other night about 10 PM. When I came out, the parking lot was empty. I drove slowly to explore the side of the parking lot where a fence is. New construction of over a thousand new apartments being built on the other side of the fence.

Mostly young people will be moving in with their whole lives ahead of them. With a smile on my face, I just sat there imagining the adventures that they will all have, as well as yet unknown happiness and discoveries.

I sat there for a long time, and finally ended with a prayer that each person would directly be blessed by God as I have been.

I prayed that they would have the courage to go towards opportunity and discovery instead of being locked in by fears. Young people have a saying it’s called FOMO “Fear Of Missing Out.” What I’ve discovered is that the fear can be so overwhelming – they will never even try.

Don’t be afraid that life will end – be afraid that it will never begin.

God’s power moves people beyond the self-imposed prison of fear.

I have even counseled with people in their 50s that have admitted they spent their whole lives doing something that mom or dad wanted them to do, that they never wanted to do – they admitted they were fearful, and they asked me question – is it too late now to start living my life?

The answer is no.

I have been blessed by doing a work that I absolutely love. And even though at times it’s been exhausting to my human self, it has been exhilarating and adventurous beyond anything I can describe.

Hunter S Thompson said:
Life is not a journey to the grave
with the intent of arriving safely
but rather to slide in broadside,
thoroughly used up, totally worn out
and loudly proclaiming –
Wow What a Ride!

I am coming to this end journey this way, with my body totally worn out, BUT with a broad smile on my face, totally satisfied – I did it all!

Thanks to God my life had great flavor and seasoning.

When Jesus was at the Last Supper, he knew very well that he was going to die, and he gave what is now called The Great Commandment – that love is the most important thing in religion – it totally defines your relationship with God, and others.

I’ve been with many people that were dying and some of their most profound statements they wanted to say was before they died, they would say come over here – and whisper, I have something to share with you and it would always be meaningful. This is the case with me now.

Mark Twain said: “The two most important days of your life are the day you were born, and the day you found out why.

I am no one special – but God worked through me, and it became miraculous. I was being guided by God even when I didn’t understand the concept.

Most of the time I didn’t know what I was doing. When I started this strange newfangled online ministry, I didn’t own a computer, resisted technology, considered myself a poor writer and even worse speller.

I only had a few dozen email addresses.

I’ve often said, impossible with God means I’m-possible

I couldn’t do it alone I had help every step of the way.

I’m not saying that I’ve never had failures in my life. I’ve had MANY failures. My failures in life were ALL my own lower human mind ideas but they were not defeats. The failures make me smile now – even laugh out loud – because they were steppingstones leading me again to God. Life does not go straight up from failure to success, rather life is like a spiral that is closely threaded. We are always going up and always have a higher view of where we were in yesterday life and decisions.

I am euphoric as I talk to you. God has invested in me, come through me, and I’m overflowing with AWE and gratitude.

I have discovered that life is NOT about the harvest we reap.
But by the seeds we plant.

Let this be my gift to you -find yourself faith, it not only helps – it is everything.

I am not an old minister promoting a certain agenda – I am not promoting a particular church or synagogue, or any, God doesn’t care where you go to church.

I am telling you of your direct constant connection with God – right where you are. God is your help in every need.

Faith is not an end – it is a practice. Practice your faith.

The ordinary becomes extraordinary with God’s working through us, as us.

Life is not a series of big things but the little things that make the difference. With God’s partnership the little things become accumulative and make a very big difference in our life. The ultimate success is loving your life, and the test of any church is how loving are they.

There are many forms of God healing.

My dear grandfather got Alzheimer’s in the 1970’s. This intelligent man literally lost all his thinking capacity. We had him at John Hopkins in Baltimore, then, the top research place for the disease. I was told by them that it usually skips a generation, and that I would probably get it. This is a frightening thing for a young man to hear.

Would that someday be me?

This was my first strong prayer as a teenager that this condition would never come to me. I am very grateful for this answered prayer. I’ve experienced many forms of healing. Even when I was told that if I had surgery for pancreatic cancer, I would be totally out of it and probably in great discomfort, when later I was told that I would not be a candidate I was very grateful. I’m not in pain or any discomfort which astonishes the hospital. I’m in a great mood continuously, but most important I have been able to control everything, getting the ministry ready, selling homes that included Our Hope Hill Retreat Center that would have gone into instant years long probate because of Georgia and Texas laws.

I have been so blessed. God sold the homes at incredible prices so I’m able to help fund this ministry through an ongoing trust.

My website Positive will continue forever as a legacy, under the trust – as a continuing resource of written prayers, sermon archives,3 television channels, Positive Daily Inspiration archives, audio prayers, and seminars all free of charge.

Our success has been our copyright. You have the right to copy ANYTHING. Our inspiration is directly from God, and God shares everything freely.

One of my mother’s favorite quotes was, “Do not cry because it’s over – smile because it happened!”

We are SO much more than flesh and bones.

Three words that sum up life – It goes on.

My grave at Leek Cemetery in Mason Michigan will be a place that you can visit – but I am not there. My soul has lifted out of this body that can no longer serve its full aliveness.

My thoughts as my life in this body ends, I don’t want to live just being a spectator I want to be a FULL participant which this body can no longer do, BUT I can from the other side.

If God can take an ordinary man like me and in times sometimes a bumbling idiot and make something extraordinary imagine what God can do with you.
What do I want to be remembered for?

How do why want to give back?

My legacy has to be what I leave behind – not what I take with me – in people of all religions around the world. Where they, and you, in turn, will make a difference in someone else’s life.

I pray you find happiness my friend. Overflowing and uncontained every day of your life.

I saw a woman at a traffic light the other night she was bouncing around singing at the top of her lungs and her joy made me joyful and laugh out loud.
Looking back – this defines my life, it was so good and so happy that I pray that it never was contained just within me, but perhaps that happiness overflowed to others.

Thank you for making my life better!


Saturday Funeral Service were led by my great personal friend for many decades – Rev. Ron Scott minister of Spiritual Life Center in Troy, MI

You are invited to view at your convenience by the video link that will be on the funeral homes website for a long time to come: