Information About Positive Christianity

Mission statement

With Jesus Christ as the sole head and chief cornerstone of this ministry, we are dedicated to being the world’s best in serving people of all faiths with a positive, uplifting awareness of God; using Advanced Technology with high human touch, we give people instant, equal access to prayer, inspiration, ministerial services and teaching.

Our building projects are people’s lives. We do not strive to build buildings, we strive to build people.

Positive Christianity is the worldwide Internet PRAYER PLACE welcoming all faiths, excluding no one. This ministry reaches the ends of the earth with a positive message of God. Not connected to any church, Positive Christianity is a prayer ministry without walls, physical or denominational, that the world can instantly access and use without cost.

Our mission is to uplift humanity, by providing free prayer help, free Daily Inspiration e-mails, free video support by Internet.

Our mission is to help ministers, and ministries of every religion by providing free weekly sermons, and written prayers by Internet that each can use, and modify for their own congregational needs. We endeavor to lessen the weekly burden of ministry for those that give so much.

Trusting God as our source, we follow the path of Christianity by always giving first.

We will never solicit funds from those that receive our free help.

This ministry is supported by voluntary free-will offerings, and donations of those that it serves.


We support your attendance at the church of your choice. We are dedicated to uplifting and helping people regardless of faith. Non-denominational, non-profit.

  • We are not connected to any church or religion.
  • We are supported by voluntary contribution.
  • We are a ministry without walls, or expensive buildings. Serving people in every country, a meeting place of love without creed or dogma.
  • First and foremost, we are a prayer ministry. We are founded on prayer, and our daily work is prayer.
  • When we pray for you something positive happens. We prove God, through the power of answered prayer. Prayer is not laying hold of God’s reluctance, but God’s willingness. Prayer is not a form, but a force.
  • We pray without doubt, in total expectation of answered prayer from God.
  • You are a master of your fate, because it is in your power to pray and ask for prayer. We are in Constant prayer, in Constant belief in the power of God. In God’s sight according to God’s will there are no incurable diseases. There are no insurmountable obstacles. There are no impenetrable barriers, no situations, no personalities that we are overcome by.
  • God is bigger than your problem.
  • If prayer doesn’t work you’re not working prayer.

Emerson said – “The Dice of God are always loaded” – loaded in your favor.

  • There are many human religions but only one God. We all pray to the same God. We can come together honoring our differences and our common bond is the knowledge that we are all children of the same God.
  • You are what you take time to become. Take time to become your belief in God. Sometimes when we look at a problem, we wonder – what in the world is God going to do with this?
  • We know, when the tide goes out, it comes in again. Drop the rock you are holding, and God will fill your hands with diamonds. We source our whole life in God’s presence. We follow Jesus by practicing a consciousness where doubt cannot enter.
  • You, or the person you pray for, do not need to be present when we pray. We believe in absent prayer, because God is Spirit and everywhere present. The Direct power of God comes in and through you wherever you may be.
  • When a person is at the end of their rope, they release through prayer a beginning of a new beginning, a fresh start. They find the light at the end of the tunnel, and the light is God. Remember, if you allow us to pray for you, expect a miracle.
  • Positive Christianity was founded in 1984 in Rockford Illinois by Christopher Ian Chenoweth. Its first publication “The Good Life” newspaper featured the top positive writers of the day. By 1987, circulation was 105,000.
  • Positive Christianity has been non-denominational and free of charge from the beginning. With the emergence of the internet it is possible to serve worldwide without the restrictions of the high costs of printing and mailing.
  • Positive Christianity is #1 on the internet serving well over 2 million people. We offer prayer, inspiration and lessons.
  • We are here to help and support the local church. All denominations will be served equally with inspiration, sermons and prayer.