Free Specific Need Audio Prayers

Free Specific Need Audio Prayers

“Faith comes by hearing.” Romans 10:17

You NEVER have to convince God – you have to convince yourself.

The blocks are within ourselves – not God.

This is not always easy; the mind has to be convinced by repeated hearing of God’s Truth. The inner mind is like an onion, peeling off small layer by small layer. One time, it took me 16 hours to convince myself, but then, I had it permanently all my life. I pray that your total belief acceptance will be much less time.

Listen to the truth about you until you believe at the core of your soul and you will be unblocked.

Matthew 11:15 “He that has ears to hear let him hear.”

I am very excited to offer these free to you instead of at a charge so we will help more people.

Prayer Types


Prosperity Prayers

Prayers for Total Prosperity, Perfect Employment, Personal Motivation and More.

Healing Prayers

Prayers for Whole Body Healing, Healing of Cancer, Healing of Grief and More

Guidance Prayers

Prayers for Asking For and Receiving Divine Guidance, Affirmations and More

Relationship Prayers

Prayers for Finding the Perfect Soulmate, Total Forgiveness and More