Build your own Gratitude to God Calendar System

Build your own Gratitude to God Calendar System

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Gratitude to God Calendar

Build your own – Instructions

The famous dramatic life-transforming system to change your daily focus.
Most calendars deal with the future, writing down dates, and deadlines to remember.
These types of calendars can create added stress with the demanding “To Do” lists.
This calendar system works in the reverse, writing down events
that have already happened, to remember in gratitude to God.
This remembrance changes you spiritually to become a grateful, and joyful person, at depth.

Order a one year weekly pocket calendar. Best source Amazon – average $10-$15.  (See Image below for an example.) Make sure that the calendar has lined space that is large enough to write in for each day of the year. Some come with a pen holder. Free delivery is often offered through prime. Always carry the calendar with you in a pocket or purse and record things as they happen, or you will forget. Blessings are accumulative. You define your day and accumulate your life by what you focus on. Daily you will build a great life.

Example. My personal entries for a typical given day. These are written out longer to explain them, but I only put in a few words to remind me of what happened in my personal calendar.

  • Number one: ran into an old friend by chance at Starbucks – delightful time – deep laughter and joy.
  • Number two: nicest letter from someone in Australia saying how positive daily inspiration and videos changed her life.
  • Number three: received a donation that will fund the ministry for over 10 days ahead.
  • Number four: found valuable items missing since I moved, misplaced by movers.

Number five: received really good news about my granddaughter.

There were actually many more blessings, but I picked the top five at the end of the day.

Go through your day, every day, and
write down FIVE THINGS that you are thankful for
on that date, in your calendar.

Try to write down five different things every day.

Look for the good – you will find it!

Review before sleep each night.

Review whole week every Sunday.

Review your year of blessings on Thanksgiving Day.

Focus and remembrance is the key to building your great life.

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