Positive Daily Inspiration – May 12, 2022 – Trusting in God Frees You From Stress

Positive Daily Inspiration - May 12, 2022 - Trusting in God Frees You From Stress

“In Him we live and move and have our being … For we are indeed His offspring.”
Acts 17:28

Trust in God! Go to God so that you can relax and let go. Trust in God to increase your health, your outlook on life, and your very contentment. Trust in God to bring you refreshing rest. Trust in God to reveal to you the right companions and satisfying relationships. Trust in God to pave the way to effective action and truly enjoyable daily living.

“Come ye yourselves apart … and rest a while.” Mark 6:31

Your trust in God frees you from burdens and releases you from feelings of excessive responsibility. Trusting in God enhances the working of your human intellectual processes and helps you to perceive when the suggestions of others are wise and right for you. Your trust in God brings you inner freedom from heaviness of thought and emotion, and lifts you above the strain of difficult striving.

Every moment, practice trusting God to reveal to you what you need to know. Trust God to direct you in helping your body adjust to healing, strengthening and rebuilding itself. Trust in God to guide you into the most helpful ways of communicating with your family, into relating successfully to any challenge in your home or business. Trust in God to unfold your life plan, and trust in God that God will help all who you love unfold their life plan.

Trusting in God, you’ll find that your anxiety is dissolved and that decisions come through more easily for you. You will find yourself less troubled about the future and more peaceful about the present. Trusting in God will immediately improve your attitude and lighten your worry. You will have a closer awareness of the presence of God with you this very moment.

I do not have more God than you; you have as much of God with you as I do. Human awareness of God is the key. How aware are you of God in this moment? I invite you to join us in silent prayer every day. This is designed to increase your awareness of God. You’ll sit in the silence of prayer and think about God, instead of thinking about your problems.

Trusting in God is like a ship anchoring itself in a safe harbor; it will keep you safe, steady, and secure. We must repeatedly turn our attention to God and keep our attention upon God. Trusting in God will give you the right ideas to solve anything in your life that needs solving. Trusting in God will illumine your mind. Trusting in God will heal your body and your mind. Trusting in God will release you from limiting habits and destructive ways. Trusting in God will free you from agitation or irritation in regard to the attitudes of others. Trusting in God will quiet your impatience and bring a profound peacefulness to your soul.

Practice trusting in God’s presence. Practice trusting in God’s presence in your own life. Practice trusting in God’s presence in the lives of those you love. Discipline yourself to go to God instead of going to worry. At the very moment that you become upset or disturbed about something, say, “I trust in God and place my total faith in God’s absolute power to resolve this situation in Divine order.” Saying this simple prayer will help you to be calm instead of upset, quiet instead of angry, peaceful instead of irritated, and healthy instead of sick.

No matter how huge the difficulty appears to you, trust in God to guide you to victory. God will. If at first you find it is a struggle to trust, trust anyway. If you feel that it’s impossible for you to trust, trust anyway. If you think that you can’t make the grade, trust even more. If you doubt your own ability, potential, or capacity of faith, just be firmer and more insistent that you trust in God. Trust again and again and again. Trust by the moment, and the next moment, and the next. Trust in the morning, trust in midday, trust in the evening, and in the middle of the night.

It was this kind of trust that led Simon Peter to follow Jesus’ advice to launch into the deep and let down the nets for the desired catch of fish. Even though Peter had already done that very thing earlier without results, he followed anyway, trusted anyway, believed in God as being greater than the problem at hand. As a result of this total trust, he was, we are told, astonished at the catch of fish.

Dear Positive Daily Inspiration reader, you stand upon the brink of your good from God this very moment. It is there, right where you are now! Begin to accept and to receive it. With God’s help, like Simon Peter, you will be launching into the deep with greater awareness of the good that lies ready and waiting for your acceptance in faith.



I bless my day by praying that it becomes God’s day.

I pray that this day becomes a day of bliss through God’s action in me.

I pray today that I receive Divine help. I pray that I enter into this day with a calm peaceful mind and as I proceed, I am literally bathed in the tranquility of God’s presence. I pray that I find every peace that I need to find. I pray my day becomes an easier task than

I ever thought. I pray that through God’s mind thinking in my mind that I clearly understand all, to the standard of perfection.

I pray that all the math works together in my favor, all the odds are on my side.

I see myself filled with God’s confidence. As I go forward, I am assured of accuracy and right judgment. God energizes me and makes me feel good in mind and body. I am filled with the energy that comes from accomplishment. I am glad to bless others in this day, in this way. I pray that there is a shift in me that changes my thinking to Higher Mind.

I pray that my life is much easier for me this year than ever before, so much so, that I never put off doing great things to the last moment.

In my following days I will know that God is ready to work with me and my days become fun.

In Jesus Christ’s name … Amen

POSITIVE DAILY AFFIRMATION: I dwell in the consciousness of eternal love. I draw to myself those whom I can bless and those from whom I can receive a blessing. My personal life is beautifully harmonized. I am fulfilled and happy.

POSITIVE DAILY QUOTE: “If you are going to achieve excellence in big things, you develop the habit in little matters. Excellence is not an exception, it is a prevailing attitude.” Colin Powell


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