Positive Daily Inspiration – June 16, 2022 – GOD’S MIGHTY HEALING POWER

Positive Daily Inspiration - June 16, 2022 - GOD'S MIGHTY HEALING POWER

“The prayer of faith will save the sick … .and the Lord will raise him up.”
James 5:15

We are told that with a word and with a touch, Jesus healed those who looked to Him. Let us know that the Christ Spirit that healed through Jesus is with us now.

Since we are created in the likeness of God, and God is life, we know that we are meant to be thoroughly alive. Let us remember that the Christ Spirit is in and through our minds and bodies. Let us know that we can be whole and free again. Let us feel the healing touch of the Christ Spirit in our minds and bodies. Let us reach out in our thoughts and with our faith and see all who need healing as whole and free.

Sometimes a person is very concerned about the state of the dear one’s health. They may say, “If only I could be with them! If only I could do something to help!”

There is always something we can do to help another, even though miles may separate us. We can pray. There is no time or space in prayer. Prayer is the language of Spirit and it is unlimited and not confined by distance. We can surround our dear ones with our prayers and our faith. We can lift up our thoughts concerning them and hold to a positive realization of life and health.

They will have a new consciousness of health.

I believe that the brain is a receiver of consciousness, not the creator. But the brain can hold on, in memory, of ill health.

God’s purity can flood the vast wastelands of our minds with new creation.

Whenever we think of the dear one who needs health, let us breathe the prayer of thanks for the knowledge that God’s life is with them and within them. God’s healing power is with them and within them. Let us have faith in God to heal any and every, condition. Let us know that God is present with them now.

We can know, too, that when we pray for another, we do not pray alone. Always Positive Christianity is always affirming life and strength for all who need this kind of prayer.

Limitations are lifted. Life abounds. The Christ Spirit with us blesses us with health.

“Your healing shall spring up speedily.” Isaiah 58:8

I pray today that you have an open door to invigorating life. I pray that you experience wholeness and a zest for living. Your body is unique and wonderfully created by God. You have many of the characteristics and traits of the human family; however, there is much more to you. This “more” is your Divine inheritance from God.

The essence of who you are is at the core of your being. In any health challenge, you can call upon the healing power of God and it will move within you. God’s Divine intelligence will guide you to act in ways that promote health. You are led to and through a process of healing that is effective and right for you. You are open and receptive to all sources of your good, for all good comes from God.

You visualize your body in prayer as the perfect expression of health that God created it to be, knowing and praying that there is no challenge too great for God to heal, and to heal quickly.

God has established perfect health in you. You are renewed, energized, and made whole.


Thank You, God, for establishing perfect health in me. The very cells of my body are alive with Your pure, perfect life. Every organ, every function, and every part of my body temple glows with life and pulses with new energy. The perfect pattern of life implanted within my being emerges in and through me now.

Symptoms, appearances, and conditions are as nothing in the presence of Your all-powerful life. Strength and energy fills me, through and through, mobilizing every part of me right now. I am vitally and vibrantly alive. Thank You, God, for establishing perfect health in me.

I express Your radiant life. I am filled with a sense of ease and well-being in my mind and in my body. I am renewed even as I pray. I am energized throughout this day and I am made well in the completeness of Your healing life within me.

Thank You God! In Jesus Christ’s name … Amen

POSITIVE DAILY AFFIRMATION: The idea of new health floods my mind from God Mind.

POSITIVE DAILY QUOTE: “The higher we soar the smaller we appear to those who cannot fly.”
Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche


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