Name: Michael – Date: 8/18/2022, 7:15 AM – Prayer Request: “This may seem like a…”

Name: Michael - Date: 8/18/2022, 7:15 AM

Prayer Request: This may seem like a double minded prayer and that I’m asking for two different things, but I am not. I want for the suffering to end and for God to either bring a little bit of Heaven here and or take me there (Heaven). My life has been one of stagnation, loneliness, supernatural blocks, failure, broken dreams, and unanswered prayers. This has been going on for decades. A hellacious life. I want God to fix my life. I have no energy. Zero. I’m suffering from something no blood tests aren’t able to find. Severe exhaustion that makes it difficult for me to be competent or capable. I have to take multiple naps a day and drink many energy drinks. I feel like I’m 99 when I’m only 58. Plus, I got fired. Now I need to find another job. How can I handle 8 hours when I am so tired? Furthermore, they raised my rent by 25 percent and my savings is running out fast. I’ve been working min wage jobs all my life working paycheck to paycheck never able to save much or at all. I have no friends, no wife, and I live in a dangerous apartment complex which is a dump. My back is crap, my eyesight going, my teeth a mess. I am miserable and sad and been like this for years and years. I just want to go home (Heaven). I want God to either fix my life (And it would have to be drastic) and or take me. I have no intention of taking myself. I want God to forgive me of my sins and get me out of here. I have soical phobia, I suck with people, and I hate my life. I want out. Either that, or I want God to do a miracle and fix this mess. I am useless as I am. God, either empower me, give me my energy back, fix my mental fog, and release the curses and blocks and replace them with blessings. I don’t want to do this anymore. I can’t do it. I simple can’t. Fix my brain, my back, my energy, my health, my finances, my lack of relationships. Fix my living situation. How can I be fruitful or productive if you don’t empower me, lift the blocks, and fix my health? Fix it all, or forgive me and take me (without pain suffering fear in the blink of an eye with my cats).