POSITIVE WRITTEN SERMON – Divine Ideas and Guidance

POSITIVE WRITTEN SERMON - Divine Ideas and Guidance



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We are here in this place to ask questions because we have a spiritual stirring inside of us. We have a longing to know. We have a loving God that longs for us to know the truth.

I have a newspaper article from a decade ago, I wish to share with you this morning. This is from the Associated Press – Manilla. It’s about flat tire worship. Listen to these words.

“Religious cultists, who believe that flat tires are the key to salvation, deflated tires on scores of busses and cars Monday, paralyzing traffic throughout the city. Police arrested 32 people. Terrified motorists abandoned their vehicles and fled for cover as armed police chased the cultists who had swarmed through the stalled traffic, deflating more than 1,000 tires. Other cultists would flag down busses and let the air out before the drivers could stop them.

“The mass deflating, which appeared to have been well planned, began during the evening rush hour and created massive traffic jams. Hours later, the traffic remained at a standstill on major thoroughfares. It was unclear what purpose the cultists thought was served by this bizarre strategy. When pressed for an explanation, they said only that the cult leader said it was God’s will that they go around and deflate the tires of the country. He said, ‘Air is from God, and this is the solution to the crises in our country.’ Handbills were distributed that said deflating tires was God’s way of stopping bad deeds.”

I’m sure that this leader received some kind of inspiration. I believe that he received an idea in prayer, and the idea said something like this: “Let the air out.” And the leader said, “Ah. I have an idea.

Surely this doesn’t pertain to me, or my mind, so I’m going to get everyone to follow me, and we are going to go out and stop traffic in this entire city.” So often, leader, somewhere in time, received some real Truth for him or herself. They decided instead of taking it on themselves, that they would place it on everyone else as an outer observance.

Spiritual insight in prayer comes to the individual and more often than not pertains to that individual.

Our Holy Bible has many levels of Truth. The level of Truth for us today is the level, of spirituality.

What is happening in your mind? I want to read you a little bit of Matthew 19:17-26. This is about the rich young man. Let’s imagine you were this rich young man, and you came to Jesus and said, “I really want eternal life. I want it so badly. What do I have to do to get it?” Jesus begins to speak, but you interrupt because you want to ask more. You say, “What do I have to do? What basic thing do I have to do, to have eternal life?” Jesus says this:

“‘You shall not commit murder, you shall not commit adultery, you shall not steal, you shall not bear false witness, honor your father and mother, and, you shall love your neighbor as yourself.’ The young man said to him, ‘All this I have observed; what do I still lack’ Jesus said to him, ‘If you would be perfect, go, sell what you possess and give to the poor, and you will have treasure in heaven; come and follow me.’ When the young man heard this, he went away sorrowful; for he had great possessions. And Jesus said to his disciples, ‘Truly I say to you, it will be hard for a rich man to enter the kingdom of heaven.

Again, I tell you, it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of God.’ When the disciples heard this they were greatly astounded, saying, ‘Who then can be saved?’ But Jesus looked at them and said to them, ‘With men this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.'”

Now, let’s take this to the spiritual level – not to the letter of the law, but to the spirit and to your own individual mind. If your human mind has lots of possessions, it’s full of itself.

If you are full of yourself, you can’t be full of God, and that’s what you are here to have – a fullness of God. You are here to have an experience with the Almighty.

It’s not teaching that your possessions are wrong. It’s teaching those possessions – that possess you – are wrong. It’s also teaching that possessions in mind take up space. You have to allow space in your mind. You have to consent to the ideas of God coming through and possess those instead.

What do you possess? Do you possess ideas and follow that along the path of the third-dimensional mind? Or do you choose to possess all the possibilities of your mind AND God mind. Can you have all that God can give you? Possessions take up space. What could your possessions be? Possessions could be worried, doubts, fear, jealously, or anger. Anger takes up a lot of space in our minds. We need to be willing to let the air out and to be infilled with the activity of God.

The most exciting thing in life should be coming to church. Sunday mornings and all services should be the most tremendous parts of your week, because you are reconnecting with something that is very personal. You are not coming here to hear a story about the minister. You are coming here to hear about yourself and God, facing your life as a team, with all the assurances and possibilities of God’s help.

But church is not like watching TV. You have to experience it with everything in your soul, or you haven’t really attended church. You have to take the ideas on, inside of yourself, and wear them like you’d wear a fine suit of clothes. Wear it around every cell in your body temple, and every belief system within your mind. It does little good to go to church just out of duty. For years, humankind has accepted that it is your duty to go to church or mass, or you have to go to the temple and you have to pray because that is what the law says to do.

You are going to church to look for a spiritual opportunity.

Today, in this place, you have connected with your opportunity. This is a house of God-given opportunity for your own individual life. What a joy it is to be here and to experience something moving in you! You are not just here to learn something. You are here to make God’s teachings real inside of you.

Information is here. But if it doesn’t excite you, and move inside of you, it is useless. We are filled with information. Often, we share it with other people who have no desire to hear it at all. We need to let go of some of our human information, from our reasoning mind, and take on the information that is true about us from God. We need to rise above the informational level of reasoning mind to a new level of thinking from Divine ideas working on the inside of us.

The true definition of repent, means to change your thinking. But let me go beyond that now.

It is from the Greek word metanoia. It means more than just to change your thinking. It means to think beyond your thinking. It means that there is a knowing beyond your knowing. Yet, it’s not beyond you, because it is with you, and in you, right now. The Bible calls it, the wisdom from above.

We can have that revelation time and time again. We are not separate from all that is being talked about, these are not just stories of other people long ago. But we must be do something.

This is a participatory environment. You must do something, and you must do it now. We must conform. We must conform with our human mind to the Mind of God. We must be disciplined. We must discipline ourselves to the activity that is so active in ourselves right now. We must feel it. We must consent to that activity.

If we had the biggest telescope in all the world on this platform right now, and we were to look out into the universe, do you know what we would see? We would see perfect order everywhere. Then, if we had a microscope on this side of the lectern, and we were to look through it into the very depth of things, we would see perfect order. The only place that you might find disorder is in the mind of the person looking into the telescope or the microscope.

We have something that no other animal has, and that is reflective thought. We can think about what we are thinking about. That can lead us into a world of problems, or it can lead us into a heaven like we have never known before. In this same mind, that is in disorder, lies the most fantastic possibilities that humankind has ever known. You are here today to tap into those God-given possibilities.

You are the operator of your mind. Many times the way we have operated our minds was so in error that if we had operated our automobile the same way, we would have never arrived anywhere.

But we are here today because we are consenting, to a higher level of mind from God.

Matthew 18:18. It says, “Truly, I say to you, whatever you bind on earth shall be bound in heaven.”

Here we are talking about the power of prayer that you, individually, have this morning. You are here to bind up, to unite, to have unity with an earth and a heaven. Earth is human thought. It is three-dimensional thought. You are here this morning to bind that human thought to the fourth-dimension – heaven.

Now, you do not go to heaven and expect it to give you something that you have not bound in your earthly consciousness. We must make a unity with demonstration and manifestation. You have to link your human mind and your God Mind and bind it together. Creative fusion of thought higher than your own. What do you desire in your life? Bring it through your human mind into manifestation and demonstration. Bind it up.

One definition of Heaven is a realm of Divine Mind, Christ consciousness. It is present everywhere. It is conscious mind [that’s three-dimensional mind] in harmony with the thoughts of God. Near the end of this quote our Bible says, “Truly, I tell you, if two of you agree on earth about anything you ask, it will be done for you by my Father in heaven.” One spiritual meaning of this “Two” – You are binding it in human thought, and you are bringing it down into human manifestation from God Mind.

When you came in here this morning, I hope you said to yourself, “I dare not leave this building the way I came in. I’m going to get a new higher faith while I’m here today. I’m going to get a new expectancy, a new awakening.” Now, you go beyond that. You not only expect that to happen, you not only believe that, but your BIND YOURSELF to it. Now, if you’re bound to something, you are connected with it body, mind, and soul. Whatever it is you want in your life, you are binding yourself to it right now. You are believing in the power of God to help it to come to pass.

There is something about you. Your potential is showing. You have a tremendous potential, but there is not any of us here that has done any more than touch the hem of the garment of the Jesus Christ teachings.

I share with you a quote in James, “My brothers and sisters, whenever you face trials of any kind, consider it nothing but joy.” Now I want to turn to the beatitudes, because these are promises for you today. It says, “Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.” If you came in here today, and you are so knocked down and drained and worn out because of recent events – you can have joy again because God is with you.

It is my prayer, more than anything else, that you connect with this today, that you feel this positive movement in you. You are never going to change your life by listening just to me. You have to change your life through something dramatic that happens inside of you in between the words that I say from up here. My words have no power to you. It is consenting inside of yourself to the ideas of God that will make the powerful change you seek.

“Blessed are those who mourn, for they shall be comforted.” Many have had losses in their lives recently. It’s hard to deal with when we have had a loss, especially when the one we lost was a close relative or a spouse. I heard of a funeral recently where the couple had been married sixty-plus years. Can you imagine? You mourn, and you hurt, and you feel like part of you has been cut away. You wonder how you’ll ever feel peace or happiness again.

There is only one way, and that is directly from God. And God will give it to you in such a miraculous, wondrous way.

“Blessed are the meek, for they shall inherit the earth.” If you are meek, it doesn’t mean you crawl around on the floor and say, “I’m not good. I’m a worm of the dust. Don’t even look at me. I’m not important.” What it is talking about is being meek in mind, going to God and saying, “God, I have tried this so many times, and I have sure botched it up. I realize that I am not alone. I ask for Your help. I consent to it right now.” That is when you inherit everything. You are already a child of God. You are an offspring and connected with that God Mind. You can inherit all that is in God.

“Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness.” This is a real hunger for a better life inside of you. You thirst for a better life inside of you. “Blessed are the merciful, for they shall receive mercy.” Are you merciful in mind? Do you ever look at somebody when he or she cuts in front of you in traffic and you say, “Oh boy … if I could just have a couple minutes of your time … “? Instead say, “Hey, you must be having a bad day.

I bless you. I send you, my love.” You say it like a prayer. It has great power!

“Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God. Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called children of God. Blessed are those who are persecuted for righteousness sake, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.” Have you ever been persecuted?

Most have, sometime in life. But most of the time, it has never taken outer manifestation. Most of the time it is in the minds of others. I saw a T-shirt on a lady one time that said, “Don’t tread in my mind with dirty feet.” They may say, “Well, you are something else. If I were you I would do this or that … ” They get in your business, in your mind. The Lord’s Prayer says, “Forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us.” Where do we trespass? You don’t come over to my house and trespass inside of it. We may trespass in the mind and the thoughts of another. And they – have done it to you.

We sit back and say that we are following Jesus Christ, but we may judge. Jesus said to judge not. We cannot judge, each soul is on her or his own path. We have to say, “I bless you and I love you. I promise not to trespass into your thoughts. I won’t make you accept my opinion. I’m going to really love you right where you are.”

“Blessed are you when people revile you and persecute you and utter all kinds of evil against you falsely on My account. Rejoice and be glad, again have joy, for your reward is great in heaven.” Does that mean that you have to die, you have to step out of this physical body, and then you will have your reward? No. You can have it this second when you get out of the limited human thinking, and allow the heaven realm, the kingdom of heaven, to come through you from God Mind. Jesus says, The kingdom of heaven is within you. Spirituality always rises above the physical, and the appearances of temporal life.

It goes on with some of the most important teachings in all of our Bible. It expresses the Truth about you. It says, “You are the light of the world.” Let me give you a new interpretation of that today. It does not mean luminosity, which is outward evidence of light, the light you see by. It means illumined consciousness. It also means to give everything the light touch.

Have you ever heard the saying, “Give it the light touch”? A counselor often ends a counseling session with a person that is absorbed in the seriousness of something build up in their mind, without saying to the person, “Give it the light touch.” Every word spoken, silently or audibly, causes an increase in darkness or light inside of you. The choice is up to us. In other words, try doing something inside of you that will increase the light.

In Genesis we read that the first act of God was the creation of light. God can create light inside of you.

“Let there be light where there was darkness inside of me, God.” Think about the way you perceive things, the way you react to things inside of your mind. Are you taking things immediately into light or into darkness? Ask yourself the question, “Somebody just said something to me that has pulled a trigger inside of me. How should I take this? How should I react to this?” Do you want the answer from the Bible?

Give it the light touch.

It’s not our fingers that touch in life. It’s our minds. We touch life with our thoughts and feelings and attitudes and reactions. We touch very few people with our fingers. We touch with our minds. The fashionable way is to touch often through negative thinking. Most people touch problems and carry them very heavily and are always willing to share. It is the way of human kind to have problems, to brood over them, to give them the heavy touch. But this goes against God’s law. Let there be light.

When we give something the heavy touch inside of us, we are telling ourselves a lie and we believe it.

We are increasing and expanding the very darkness that we are unhappy about in the first place. The alternative is that we can speak the light of God into our existence. We are not teaching to not take things seriously, we are saying to handle serious things with an illumined consciousness.

The more serious the problem, the more light that is needed. God will always reveal to you the perfect way for you to proceed.

You have heard it said that God helps those who help themselves. So today, help yourself to God.

Stop believing the false things that you may have accepted so often. Instead, ask for a second opinion, from God. God will never lie to you, always be loving to all, and will always promise and deliver possibilities and opportunities.

God bless you!

PRAYER / MEDITATION_____________________________________________

In all of your human history, this is YOUR moment. This is your lifetime to feel the activity of God.

Each of us are traveling a journey. We are not traveling alone. We are with God. But to feel God, we have to quiet our human mind down, and this is what we are here to experience now. Go quietly now.

Leave aside all worry and have confidence. Relax and trust. So quietly, sure of God, safely, and easily, you flow into a relaxation. God is in complete control of every aspect of your life, your mind, and your body.

God is with you now. What a joyous realization this is. You listen to the still, small voice, and it says to you, “Peace, be still and know that I am God.” It says to you, “Don’t worry. I am in charge. Everything is all right. Go quietly now, and I will direct your path, for I know the way.”

Rest in the silence of prayer …

You listen to the silence of prayer, and you trust in the joyous fulfillment of your journey to God. Listen to these words from Psalms: “Then they were glad because they had quiet. And he brought them to their desired haven.” You are with God. You have a constant companion which is Christ, your very own Lord.

You seek to realize that this Christ knows the way that lies before you. Christ is familiar with every turn in the road of your life. Christ is ever ready to point the way to lead you to your desired haven of peace, wholeness, harmony, abundance, and self-fulfillment. You are walking with God. God is working through you, empowering your physical body, thinking through your mind. You will reach your destination of this heaven, safely, quickly, and joyously.

Rest in the quiet place now, in the silence of prayer …

You are alert to the still, small voice. The still, small voice within us is telling us the way to go. As we meet the many turns, the many points of change in our life’s journey, we travel in peace with a clear-run-through to our destination, a journey where there are no stops, no delay in obstacles, or detours.

This day, whether you are starting out on a journey, whether you’re writing a letter, seeking employment, seeking to heal a relationship, or seeking the fulfillment of any other legitimate desire, you are granted, by the activity of God, a clear-run-through to joyous satisfaction, a quiet, easy way in record time.

Rest in the silence of prayer …

Go quietly now. Know that you are not alone. Trust Christ. God will get you through to your destination in the best possible way. You are in an experience of a clear-run-through to each desired heaven.

Through the power of the spoken word in prayer,

I decree for you: THE CHRIST PRESENCE GUIDES YOU IN THE WAY OF PEACE AND SAFETY. YOU ARE DIVINELY PROTECTED. We thank God for always being here with us, along the road of life that never ends.

In Jesus Christ’s name … Amen.

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