Positive Daily Inspiration – September 14, 2022 – TRUST IN GOD WITH ALL YOUR HEART

Positive Daily Inspiration - September 14, 2022 - TRUST IN GOD WITH ALL YOUR HEART

“Trust in the Lord with all your heart … In all your ways acknowledge God, and God will make straight your paths.”
Proverbs 3:5-6

Faith in God is a deep inner knowing that the good that you are seeking is already seeking you. When Jesus was praying, he always gave thanks in advance because he knew, without a doubt, that the good that He was seeking was already His.

Faith contains within itself tremendous power to heal, to bless, and to bring good into manifestation in your life.

When you establish yourself on the firm foundation of faith in God, you experience life as something to be lived, happily and harmoniously. Faith in God strengthens spiritual qualities within you. You build upon this new strength, rather than leaning on previous, limited understanding.

You trust in God with all your heart and in all your ways acknowledge God. You look for and find the good in ALL things. You no longer doubt or have distrust. You no longer have worry or fear. You no longer criticize or condemn. Every time you give love, it returns multiplied. Praise God, who gives you an understanding heart. You utilize the talents and abilities that you have; you become more involved with life and have more enthusiasm for living. You know that to function with the firm foundation of faith is to still the troubled waters and to make the crooked places straight.

You trust in God so much that you do not allow other people to bring you down.

If you find yourself reacting negatively to the opinions of others, you become still, in prayer, and know that God is in this situation; you let God’s love fill your heart with goodwill and understanding. Trusting in God with all your heart, you rise above human hurt feelings.

You neither condemn nor feel condemned. Jesus says, in Luke 6:37, “Condemn not, and you will not be condemned; forgive, and you will be forgiven.”

You respect the right of others to choose the direction of their lives, and you bless them as they continue in the way they have chosen. You give thanks for God-given tolerance and understanding, as you trust God in all your heart to bring about good in others’ lives.

There are times when you need to make an effort towards reconciliation for the sake of another who has misunderstood your motives and seemed to misjudge you. These actions can be made in love and with sincerity, since the love of God continually infills you.

Today, you are established on a firm foundation of trust in God. How much happiness comes into your life when you fully trust in God and look for the good that is coming into your life, with faith and hope.


As I concentrate on God, everything in my life falls into place.
As I concentrate on success, as I concentrate on forgiveness, as I concentrate
on plenty, as I concentrate on Divine love, as I concentrate on the best
in myself, as I concentrate on loving myself, as I concentrate on loving
my neighbor, everything in my life falls into place. And it falls in a way
that I can truly enjoy it.

Thank You God for helping my concentration.

POSITIVE DAILY AFFIRMATION: I am concentrated on becoming a better person by serving God in new ways.

POSITIVE DAILY QUOTE: Deciding not to choose is still making a choice.


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