Positive Daily Inspiration – September 21, 2022 – God Timing

Positive Daily Inspiration - September 21, 2022 - God Timing

How long, O Lord?
Psalm 89:46

Make sure your worst enemy doesn’t live between your two ears.

Do you feel that God is not listening to your prayers?


When someone tells you that your dreams will happen in God’s time, do you roll your eyes, sigh hugely, and feel that, if that is the case, your dream will not come true in your lifetime.


Imagine being God. Imagine coordinating a huge week full of family or friends – like a reunion. Some people would not even begin to plan something of this magnitude, or of any magnitude at all, while others relish the tasks and challenges. Even if you are a person who loves to coordinate gatherings, parties, get-togethers, imagine one of such a great magnitude as 8 BILLION guests! (Current world population)

“Not me,” you say! This is what God does, AND GOD CARES FOR EVERYONE!

God coordinates each and every person’s life so that it entwines with 7 billion other lives.

We are familiar with human dreams and lives. Imagine this human asking God for a life companion (or substitute your own dream). They ask Positive Christianity to pray with them, for this life companion.

Daily, for a full month, Positive Christianity prayer partners pray with her for her life companion to come into her life.

“Hmmmmm … 31 days have passed … where’s this life companion,” she says? “I’ve been asking for days – or weeks – or – months or even years. Is God not listening to me? Is God not sending me a life companion????”

Sometimes, in our human state, we get impatient, discouraged, and even lose hope, and we, sometimes, even forget our dreams.

Ah, but continue on … God is really with you, always! And God is with the other person.

Imagine being God, again. This person just asked for a life companion. God says, “I have the perfect one for you! Just wait! Let me get them.” Because God KNOWS just EXACTLY the right person for this woman. God LOVES giving us what we ask for.

God knows that the woman’s future life companion is not quite ready for her, for one reason, or another. The man has a couple of years to go before he is ready to be the best life companion for her … and for her to be really ready, to be the best life companion for him. But, in getting these two together, several things have to happen. This relationship affects many people – their family, their friends, their co-workers, etc. Everything needs to be in the proper place, and timing is everything, for this to work within their lives, and within the scheme of the entire world … all so that God can give both of them, and all concerned, the highest and most wonderful, good.

But this person may be sitting there without hope, feeling intensely lonely, abandoned, and sad.

She decides to just go out and choose the first person who comes into her life who is willing to be her life companion, no matter if either of them is really the best person for each other. Sometimes this is not the best decision.

Do you get the picture? It’s like a huge, big, sit-down dinner in which you find that you have two people who have decided not to sit in their designated places at the table. And you spent so much time and energy placing each person in the best place for them and for all the others.

God’s grace is often fixing our impulse mistakes that we impatiently make on-the-fly. God works to bring good to each and every situation.

This is a light look at what God just might go through when we get impatient with the slowness of life. But, even in humor, life still can hurt; life still can seem like such a struggle; and each of us knows the deep sadness when we feel that we might not received, or attain our dreams.

There is only ONE thing to remember:

GOD HAS NOT FORGOTTEN YOU! God NEVER forgets you and is always guiding you and directing you towards that which you deeply desire and need.

God does not take your feelings, or your life, lightly. Whether you are looking for your life companion, or your life dreams to become manifest God helps in the same good ways.

God works night and day, within you, guiding you, directing you, showing you the way towards your dreams.

In Matthew 28:20 it says, “I am with you always.” We have heard that so many times, but I ask you now, when you face your difficulty, to remember these words.

You are not alone. God is with you, taking care of you.

We at Positive Christianity know that God works for you, for your highest good at all times. That’s why we pray with you so wholeheartedly and so gladly. We pray not only for your dream, or your desire, or your need, we also pray for your peace of mind, as you wait upon God, and as you learn that God’s time really IS the most perfect time. Each moment, every day, you continue to live the best life you can with what you have because you know that God is working, right now, towards that which you desire.

Instead of asking “How long, O Lord?” ask “what is my next step towards this dream, this desire, this need?” God will answer you. You have the answer within you, as God presence inspires you, leads you in patience, and celebrates the manifestations of your dreams with you.


Dear God, thank you for your vigilant care within my life and within every
other person’s life. I am filled with patience, today. I look above my
feelings to new hope in you. I ask you to help me cast out any feelings of
hopelessness, sadness, and frustration, and I see what you have placed
before me.

Each moment, I choose to move forward as I am guided and directed by you.
I imagine you walking beside me, every step of the way. I feel your
surrounding comfort, understanding, and unconditional love, wrapping
around me, like a blanket, calming my fears and lightening my heart.

Thank you, dear God, for always being there for me and with me, each and
every day. I pray that I enjoy the adventure of the journey.

In Jesus Christ’s name … Amen.

POSITIVE DAILY AFFIRMATION: My life is in divine order in God’s perfect timing.

POSITIVE DAILY QUOTE: “You are the handicap you must face. You are the one who must choose your place.” James Lane Allen


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