Positive Daily Inspiration – September 7, 2022 – STORMS OF LIFE

Positive Daily Inspiration - September 7, 2022 - STORMS OF LIFE

“Thou, O God, art my fortress, the God who shows me steadfast love.”
Psalms 59:17

Personal important note: Many (hundreds) have been asking about our retreat center in Ellijay Georgia – Hope Hill.

People have wanted to book it, read about it, etc. and it’s now off-line.

About six months ago as I faced my own storm of life with my health challenge. My financial advisor strongly advised that I sell Hope Hill. He said because of Texas and Georgia law it would definitely go into probate which could last years. But I said, “I love Hope Hill,” and when I’m not using it is rented 90% of the time making it very profitable for the ministry. He said, during probate it would sit vacant you would not be allowed to rent it and that being the case it would go into disrepair.

I put Hope Hill on the market and sold it within days for a high amount which went to the trust to support this ministry ongoing.

By the way, I’m doing fine, feel-good, and in a great mood. God is with me. Please don’t write asking me how I’m doing because I just can’t keep up with that kind of correspondence. I dislike being the focus instead of God being the focus. Plus, such correspondence really brings me down temporarily.


I love thunderstorms.

The other day, there was a thunderstorm, and I told my daughter that I was having the time of my life watching it from the covered porch. I love thunderstorms – when I am not in them, but rather watching them with a sure sense of security because I am inside – safe, warm, and dry.

Taking shelter during a storm is a sensible thing to do. You can apply the same action of seeking shelter from the turmoil of your life. You can know that many of your hardships, upsets, or difficulties would be better met by your nonresistance, rather than by your direct participation.

Knowing that God is your present help in the time of trouble, you can take heart as you pray. You can be in the presence of the peace, power, and protection of God while a stormy experience passes. When you retreat into the security of God’s presence of love, you are assured that this, too, shall pass. As you let God takeover, your faith in God increases, as does your ability to work and to pray from a center of peace and power.

During a storm in your personal life, there may be times when peace of mind seems impossible to obtain. You may have decisions to make, work that awaits your attention, or appointments to keep. Busy activities often make the world seem like a place of disorder.

At these times, take shelter in God. Remember that God is never confused and is with you in times of trouble; and no matter how changeable the world is, God is eternal and changeless. God abides with you as perfect peace and harmony. God protects you during your storms of life.

As you focus your attention on God in moments of need, you experience God’s presence and power.

You are resting within the shelter of the Almighty. Within the shelter you are no longer confused. The perfect peace of God gives you the strength and enthusiasm you need to meet life victoriously. With God, you view the storms; from under the shelter, you are less affected by them, and you move through life, easily and harmoniously.

In any storm that you face, hold to the reality of God’s goodness in your heart and mind and know that your every need will be met.

When you find yourself in a storm, let go of anxieties and concerns and let God guide you to safety. Try to see past appearances and become open and receptive to all possibilities, for you know that God will see you through each situation.

If you have a storm of a health challenge, have faith that you will be healed, and that you will be filled with renewed strength and energy.

If you have a storm of a prosperity challenge, release all thoughts of what you don’t have and rely on God’s supply of abundant good.

If you have a storm in a personal relationship, know that God’s love will restore order, harmony and justice in every circumstance.

Just as the sun comes through the clouds as the storm passes, you know that God’s good is coming forth and that all your needs will be met.


The incomplete is made complete in God. Failure is made into success in God.
Weakness is made into strength in God. Sickness is made into health in God.
Hate is made into love in God.
Thank You God! Amen

POSITIVE DAILY AFFIRMATION: I let go and let God’s good bless me now.


“By three methods we may learn wisdom:
First, by reflection, which is noblest;
Second, by imitation, which is easiest;
and third by experience, which is the bitterest. “


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