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“For I will restore health to you, and your wounds I will heal.”
Jeremiah 30:17

In Independence Missouri, you can spend the day going through the Harry S. Truman Presidential Museum and Library. On his desk, Harry Truman had a plaque that said “The Buck Stops Here.”

Where does the buck stop concerning your healing? You’ve heard of the saying, “Passing the buck,” haven’t you? You say, “Well, it’s not my responsibility,” and you pass the buck to someone else. Where does the buck stop? With your healing – it stops, where it always begins, with God.

I want to be healed, we say. “I’m tired of feeling this way.”

If we are not sick – how do, we stay well?

How do we stay filled with vim and vigor and vitality?

How do we live a life without expected sickness?

It is possible for us to have so much God-life inside of our being that every cell glows with power and vitality.

That’s the way of our Creator.

The Creator never stops creating.

Before the advances that we have today in medical science that can so aid in person’s healing, people would turn to God in faith. Many times, they were healed in what would be called miracle ways. In the mid-1800’s medical science was still in its infancy. Doctors of that time diagnosed this young mother who was wasting away from the common disease of the day tuberculosis. She was dying, and had little time left.

In prayer, daily, she would sit for hours with an empty chair in front of her, in which she imagined the presence of Jesus Christ. She cooperated with this healing presence by believing that she could be healed. Gradually she became stronger and stronger and was never sick another day in her life.

Her husband, who was quite sick himself, wondered about the healing. He wondered what the source of the healing was. His wife did not die as everyone expected she would. She came back to life, stronger than ever. He watched all this happening from his own crippled body that was in severe pain. He had known pain all his life.

I would like to read his exact words about what he was going through in his life from his personal letters.

“When I was a boy of ten, I was taken with what was as first diagnosed as rheumatism but developed into a very serious case of hip disease. I was in bed for over a year.”

Can you imagine a ten-year-old being in bed for a year, and not only in bed, but in constant, and severe pain? In those days, they believed that to get the disease out of the body they had to use a device that was like a razor blade, except there were five in a row, and cut into the most diseased area to allow the disease to drain out of the body. They had performed this inhumane procedure to his leg in over 150 locations during that year. It’s a wonder he even lived through that year.

He continued: “From that time, I was an invalid, in constant pain, for twenty-five years, until I began the application of spiritual healing through prayer.”

Now, he wrote this when he was very positive. You’ve heard about a person’s pain threshold, haven’t you? You learn to live with pain. You can learn to live with a great deal of pain. That is what this young man did. He was in constant torture from his handicapped physical body.

“Two very large abscesses developed at the head of the hip bone, which the doctors said would finally drain away my life. But I managed to get about on crutches with a four-inch extension of steel and cork [which made his one leg the same length as the other.] The hip bone was out of the socket and stiff.

“The leg shriveled and ceased to grow. From the hip to the knee, the flesh was a glassy adhesion with little feeling.”

His leg was about four inches in diameter and very sickly looking. It was much shorter than the other leg and was extremely abscessed. His whole right side then became involved. His right ear became deaf, and his right eye became so weak that he would now be called legally blind.

He was in constant and sometimes severe pain for twenty-five years. To have this condition in your life – practically blind in one eye, deaf in one ear, a shriveled leg – for twenty-five years is impressed on your mind, and your self-identity. After twenty-five years, wouldn’t you believe that you’d have it for the rest of your life? Especially if you’re in constant pain, you would think it would only get worse. You might even dread the future.

He said, “I began to apply spiritual prayer, in addition to medical treatment. There was, for a long time, little response in the leg.”

So often we pray – we think nothing is happening. But beneath the surface, beyond what our physical eyes can see, the Creator is working. He didn’t give up; he kept praying, and more important believing in the power of God. It took what seemed like a long, long time to be totally healed, but he was healed.

He would sit for long periods every day in the silence of prayer, knowing the healing presence of Jesus Christ was there with him.

Now in his words: “There was little response in the leg, BUT I felt better. And I found that I started to hear with my right ear. [This was the first indication to him that something miraculous was happening.] Then, gradually, I noticed that I had more feeling in my leg. Then, as the years went by, the joint began to become limber in the leg, and the shrunken flesh filled out until the right leg was almost equal to the other. Then, I discarded the cork and steel extension and wore an ordinary shoe with a double heel about an inch in height. The leg became almost as large as the other, and the muscles were restored.

“I’m giving the smallest details of my healing because it would be considered a medical impossibility, and a miracle from a religious standpoint. However, I have watched the restoration year after year as I applied the power of prayer. I know it is under God’s Divine law of creation, so I am satisfied that here is proof of the law that the mind centered in prayer cooperates with God and can rebuild the body and can restore it.”

He had the most amazing growth in the healing of his leg when he was past the age of 75. We think that at age 75, it’s pretty much over. Your Creator is NEVER FINISHED WITH YOU. We may think at a certain point in life we can’t heal ourselves any more. We think we can’t regenerate new cells. But God through the Creator’s regeneration is constantly replacing old worn out body parts.

If you have a 1929 Ford out in the parking lot, but every moment you have replaced the parts of the car, is it really a 1929 Ford, or is it a brand new Ford?

You are not your age. You are constantly made new. Your body is God’s and it is constantly rebuilding itself. But every cell listens to your direction in prayer and positive thought.

When we speak, we have the largest listening audience in the world. We have 100 trillion cells listening to our prayers, thoughts, and words. These cells are awake inside of us. They are saying, “What do you want me to do today?” And we tell them. If we tell them we want them to regenerate and go ahead with their healing, they will do it. It will be as you spiritually desire.”

The majority of cases that come for prayer belong to the class of the discouraged. They come to God as a last resort. They come saying, “I have been to the doctor, but I’m turning to you because you’re my last hope.” From now on LET GOD BE THE BEGINNING of all your healings, then go for healing as God directs.

In Luke 8:43, there is a story about a discouraged woman who spent all her money on physicians but who could not be healed. Physicians are very good. They work with the mind of God. They work with God in promoting our healing. But are we putting all the power into one physician, or are we placing the power for healing in the One Master Physician? Are must accept the healing, from the source that really heals, and from God direction to medical helpers.

When Jesus healed, how did He heal?

If you’re coming to Jesus this morning and talking to Him about your illness, what would Jesus do? Jesus would not see your illness. What did He see? He sees your perfection. He sees absolutely perfect God-health flowing through you, no matter what your body is saying in the temporary moment.

Let’s say that today I am wearing this coat. You might say this coat is me. But there is a life inside of this coat. And I can take off this coat if I desire. But the perfection is God given IN me. Tomorrow I might have on a red coat. The body may be wearing something it shouldn’t be wearing. But I tell you, there is God’s perfection that can manifest out if I accept and if I am willing to have it happen.

Jesus never saw anything less than God. We hear the story of the woman just wanting to get close to Jesus, touching the hem of the garment. We take a pill and we expect that to make us feel better, and often it does. In the same way we have to take our faith and expect that to make us better.

Jesus Christ turns around and says, “YOUR faith has made you well.”

He didn’t say faith was going to make you well in time. He says faith HAS made you well, because at that point you have gone back to the cause, and you have created a portal of entry for the purified health of God to flow through and feed every cell of your physical body temple. This is true causation healing instead of just temporal effect healing.

A lot of people who pray are begging and pleading to be healed, and that can be the wrong way to pray. God has never changed God’s mind toward you. God is always loving, perfect perfection, ready to flow through. We just have to consent in every thought inside our physical body temple through our non-doubting faith.

The first step to healing is to cooperate with God by visualizing our perfection, instead of constantly focusing on what is wrong. Begin to know that you can be healed. Know that no matter how young or old you are, God is re-creating inside of you. Accept that every cell of your body temple is now connected spiritually with God life.

How would you act if you were healed right now? Well, begin to accept it. Are you accepting it? Are you feeling it in all your thoughts? Do you really believe? What would it take for you to believe? What would it take for you to fully accept it?

What’s going to happen then? Many of us think a thunderbolt is going to come down and zap us and everything is going to change. But it doesn’t work that way. God is a silent magnificent God. God is a progressive God. God is an unfolding God.

It is a silent energy. You begin to feel better over time. You have been praying every day and you have more energy.

You are feeling better and better and it’s unfolding–it must be God.

With every thought there is a radiation of energy. You hear about people with cancer who go and have radiation treatment. You spiritually take on that God power yourself. Radiate with your belief and faith energy. Whatever you are thinking about radiates through the body.

If you are thinking negative thoughts, all of a sudden you will feel worn out. Your vital energy has been depleted and you don’t know why. But then, you change it and begin to talk to your body as you would a close friend. Honor your body as you do close family members. You begin to even apologize to your body for some of the thoughts you’ve had about it in the past. Then you apply Divine energy spiritually to every part of that body temple.

Your body is made up of individual cells. And those individual cells are not as old as you think they are. They are not as sick as you think you might be. They are new cells. They are healthy cells. They are young cells. They are vital cells. They are also obedient cells. They will listen to any spiritual call you make for them to be. You speak to them with the faith of Jesus Christ and they will obey. Doctors, nurses, hospitals, and medicine must have spiritual help to be permanently effective.

The presiding self-identity in each organism determines the particular kind of impulse that the cells shall radiate.

When we begin to think of ourselves as children of God, we believe and then we are open and receptive, an heir, to the stream of God’s healing life.

A spiritual mental cleansing occurs in us, when focused on prayer upon God’s ever-renewing perfection. When the mind is free of error thought, harmony in the body begins.

Begin to use the words you think and the words you speak in a spiritual faith-based way. Begin to talk to your body in faith, instead of telling it how sick it is. You have a power in your words, a prayer energy behind your words that cause every cell inside of your physical body temple to stand up, listen, and do what you say. If we talk wrong about our body, this in the end can shatter the strongest organism. If we talk right about our body, we will change whatever is going on in our organism and change our body temple for an entire manifestation of a lifetime.

This is something you can do beginning today.

If we were talking negatively to another person, they would cease being our friend and the relationship would be destroyed, and yet often we think nothing about doing that to ourselves, and to our body. You can cure a cold, or you can cure an ache in your elbow. You can also cure anything else with God’s ever-present spiritual healing help.

Nothing is impossible to you because the Creator wills re-creation in you.

God Bless You!

PRAYER / MEDITATION_________________________

The uplifting, strength, and courage you seek are at hand. God is your ever-present help. Everything needed is ready to work with you, and in you, for a blessing of mind, body and circumstances in your life. Regardless of where you are physically, or how far you seem emotionally from the peace you desire, your good, your healing, your well-being, your fulfillment is at hand in this prayer now.

Rest in the silence of prayer …

Healing of fears of anxieties, tension and emotional upsets is now at hand because God’s help is at hand. Release and freedom from concern over any traumatic happening or feeling of insecurity or defeat is at hand. Right where you are, this moment, you are in the Presence of answers. You are in the Presence of the solutions you have sought.

Rest in the silence of prayer …

Your good is tangible. It is touchable. It is available to you now. God awaits and is willing to help you.

Take a few moments to spiritually prepare. Accept these Divine ideas that your healing is at hand. Prayer knows no boundaries of time or space. The healing you seek is in the air you breathe and the surroundings you see. It fills this place. It lives within your heart. It is in the light of day and the darkness of night. It is in the clouds and in the sunshine. It is in the cells and atoms of your body temple. It is in the movement of your mind and the activity all about you.

Your healing is at hand. You accept it. With praise and thanksgiving, we accept our healing. We are ready for something miraculous to happen inside our mind and body temple. The idea of healing penetrates every thought you have about yourself and all that appears to be occurring in your life. Acquaint yourself with the reality that healing is everywhere present always.

Rest in the silence of prayer …

Now you practice faithfully. You see health in your mind’s eye for yourself and everything that comes across your path. In this moment, in this experience of life, you realize that God is working dynamically inside of you. You turn your attention to thoughts of healing in your body–healing of feelings, healing of events, healing of conditions. You saturate your thinking with a contemplation of healing with thoughts that promote healing and words that show belief in healing.

Rest in the silence of prayer …

“Dear God, I believe right now in healing. I know it is possible for me. I know that I am in agreement, right now, in mind with what is being said.” From this moment forward, you refuse to entertain even the slightest thoughts of lack of faith about yourself or your healing. You refuse to give attention to experiences or negative suggestions that are going on in your mind. Instead, you know that the healing is at hand. You accept it with praise for God.

You know that God is with you. You are God’s child. The Creator is within every cell of your body temple. God is in your mind and every thought in your mind. God’s healing will never fail. And God’s healing enfolds and protects you, lifts and encourages you. God’s love is never going to fail to show you the solutions to the problems of healing, the answers to the dilemmas of healing or the confusions about healing.

Rest in the silence of prayer …

God’s healing is everywhere you go. And God’s healing is in everything. It fills your universe. You dwell in the kingdom of God. Wherever you sit or walk or work or live, that healing activity is constantly working on you.

You believe when Jesus says to you that you are meant to express healing in every facet of your life and being. You are an offspring of the Creator. You are an offspring of wholeness and well-being. You inherit the right to claim and accept every kind of healing. You were created with wholeness as a reality of your identity. You have it within your soul and mind.

In the midst of any challenge, disease or a disastrous happening, healing is there. You are now connected with a greater healing than you have been connected with thus far. The Spirit of God is in this place, and it is moving right now. The Spirit of Jesus Christ is here, and it is moving. There is a healing activity that is taking place. Your job is to accept that.

Rest in the silence of prayer …

You let the words “God’s healing” run as a golden thread of prayer, extending to every distressing ache or pain in your mind and body. “God’s Healing. God’s Healing.”

You use the faith you have right now to sew this golden thread into every cell of your physical body temple. Your heart is alive with new life. The life of God is behind your heart, causing your heart to beat. There is a Divine order working in your heart, lungs, muscles and the very regeneration of the bones.

You are immersed in God’s healing right now. You immerse yourself in the
thoughts of healing. You saturate yourself with thinking of healing. There is a great light surrounding you that is transmuting any negative aspect of your being. This healing is available to you now. You are God’s child, contemplating healing right now.

You are imagining healing, visualizing healing.

Rest in the silence of prayer …

You agree to work diligently with every manner and method of healing that encourages your conviction. You give praise and thanks to God working in every cell of your being, regenerating your physical body temple. You have faith in the idea of healing inside of you. You have cooperation with God’s perfection in your mind. You are working with God’s blueprint of perfection.

It is the time to think as Jesus thinks. If you have faith as a grain of mustard seed, you will say to this mountain move to here to there and it will move, and nothing will be impossible to you with God.

The mustard seed evolves. It unfolds to become the plant. And so, this happens inside of you. You are unfolding perfection. You are going to the Cause of all health and allowing the Cause to flood your being. Your faith is causing an opening inside of you that is productive and significant. It is an opening that is a beginning to a new, wonderfully developed you.

Rest in the silence of prayer …

God is working inside of you to bring about wholeness you seek. As you pray, God is working. You are staying open and receptive to this healing idea and its possibilities. Nothing will be impossible to you with God’s healing help. You hold close to God in your thoughts, in your consciousness that goes beyond your physical brain, to every cell inside of your body that is listening to your words.

You hold close to the wonders of God’s wholeness.

You contemplate yourself as being perfectly healed. You see yourself dissolving every old habit of doubt and disbelief. The Lord of healing has come. God is working now inside of you, living, and demonstrating healing. Nothing is impossible. You grasp the thought of healing. You cradle that in your heart. No matter how much struggle it takes to return again and again to faith in healing, you keep on returning.

As you rest in the silence of prayer, you are actively talking to your physical body temple. Starting with your feet and going to your head, praise God for the new life and energy that is occurring within you.

God’s light is running throughout you. There is an inner peace felt within your muscles, bones, and entire system. You have a system of God. Every part of you, every cell, is now dedicated to Christ life.


The Creator re-creates me. I am made whole.”

I give thanks for the Christ way and Truth and the gift of healing that rests within me. I give thanks for the Christ healing that is happening now in the deepest recesses of my soul. I know that there is even more of God awaiting release and expression inside of my body temple. I know that this healing is nearer than breathing, closer than hands and feet. It is all present and ever-available, abundant, and plentiful.

My personal healing is here right now. It is mine. It is mine. I quietly accept it. I have peace, assurance, and blessings beyond measure. God is my source. And that source never runs dry. It is never lacking. It never withholds. It never denies. The Source is the same yesterday, today, tomorrow, and forever. I will live in wholeness for all the days of my life. I do not have to be sick. I throw that idea out of my physical mind.

I praise and give thanks in the name and through the healing power of Jesus Christ, with an accepting consciousness, the same that was in His mind …


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