Name: Terry Hinds – Date: 11/8/2022, 10:26 AM – Prayer Request: “Hello my Fellow Beli…”

Name: Terry Hinds - Date: 11/8/2022, 10:26 AM

Prayer Request: Hello my Fellow Believers,
This is a very painful request for a really terrific friend of mine. He is so young to be in this position but nevertheless is. He was diagnosed with cancer the other day which was only a very short time after we sat together at his sponsors funeral. Tragic life can be and would love to just claim this to be an error in thinking somehow and dismiss it.

However I do believe in the miracles of prayer that have healed so many in the past. I can feel the power now and pray with you all that this is not just a fluke or a game of chance but a real way to be the cause of the requested action we all need and desire to have happen. We all believe in basically the same things. Prayer is possible and it is real and not just a bunch of words on a piece of paper. God is everything or He is Nothing and I choose to believe the former and ask that you believe with me that this and all other things are possible though prayer. So join me today in prayer for my friend Pat that he will fight with all his will to continue his now personal battle against cancer and the idea that only victory over his condition can prevail. With your help starting today the journey begins toward the light of victory.. We pray together for the whole family and a large host of friends to keep our faith strong in this battle. We all are gaining new strengths that we did not posses even yesterday because now we are all together and accept nothing less than complete victory. Hope is the only thing growing out of control in this battle. We are joined together to create the effect of our new mission this day. We are single in this belief and strong with the CHRIST spirit for not only this one man but all the women, men and children that need our prayers. As we offer all our strength and muster all our faith together –we grow mighty in our effort and are filled with more faith and strength from GOD himself and we are one together in effort. We are powerful together just as our Father wants us to be. It is our very nature to be here right now together in faith and force. We are mighty and accept only victories this day. Thank You Father for bringing us together this day and we are all grateful because of it. We are thankful you have answered all of our prayers this day.

In Christ name we say Amen and Amen
Terry H