Positive Daily Inspiration – November 23, 2022 – FORWARD IN FAITH

Positive Daily Inspiration - November 23, 2022 - FORWARD IN FAITH

“The eternal God is your dwelling place, and underneath are the everlasting arms.”
Deuteronomy 33:27

Many people have faith in things that they should not. Worry, for example, is not something that we should have faith in, and neither are fears deserving of our faith.

What we truly believe will happen tends to come to pass – good or bad. Faith in God moves you forward in life. Faith in God is a growth producer that encourages you to reach new levels of understanding and experience.

The ease or the difficulty you have, while going through a challenge, is determined by your faith towards it. A positive attitude can be the key that unlocks the door to untold blessings in your life. Faith in God believes in the unseen, and beyond the physical appearances, that God is working in your life to bring about the best possible outcome.

When we are resistant to life, we tend to think of the possible negative effects that it may have on our lives. Because of this, we may miss a special blessing from God. Every day is given as a gift from God; we have free will to make a good or bad. How each day affects us is UP TO US. If a sudden change seems to throw you off-balance, remember that you are a child of God. As such, you are an heir to all good. These Truths never change, and when you remind yourself of this, it steadies you during any time of adjustment.

Fear freezes us in our path, worry scatters us, but faith moves us forward in profound ways that we cannot even imagine with our human mind. Oftentimes, our worry is not for ourselves, but for others. But, how much more of a gift we give the person we are concerned about when we totally immerse them in the faith of God by believing in good outcomes.

Wanting to do more for others but not knowing just what would be most helpful can leave you feeling confused. This is especially true if you feel that you are alone and carry the burden of responsibility for an infant, child, or adult in need of special care nurturing.

However, when you preface whatever you do for others with the realization that you are actively working with God, you can give the most helpful care and attention.

The care you give contains generous portions of God’s love and peace. You move forward in every relationship when you move forward in faith. Today you lift up your anchor from areas of concern and problems. Today you actively anchor yourself in the belief of God and all possibilities.

Whether you are a friend, teacher, spouse, parent, or other family member, you can be loving and caring when you invite the Spirit of God to be a part of all that you do for those who care about.

Your prayers, today, are based upon forward thinking; you care for your own life in this way, and in faith, you give encouragement and love that will be the foundation of the care that you give for others.


Dear God I believe, mold may, shape me, into the person that You meant me to be. I am ready, willing, to stand on a foundation of my faith.

In Jesus Christ name … Amen

POSITIVE DAILY AFFIRMATION: I am worthy of all good, for I am a child of God.

POSITIVE DAILY QUOTE: “When we feel that we don’t have enough, it often means that we look to externals instead of searching within.”


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GOD BLESS YOU, Happy Thanksgiving!
Christopher Ian Chenoweth