Positive Daily Inspiration – November 5, 2022 – The Letter

Positive Daily Inspiration - November 5, 2022 - The Letter

“You are in the Spirit, since the Spirit of God dwells in you.”
Romans 8:9

My Uncle Ed was deceased over 20 years when his children found a hidden letter that he wrote them to encourage them in life. I think it is a profound gift to leave behind your positive thoughts.

We never know when this blessed journey will be over.

Life is filled with struggles, not just easy times. But with God we will find the way to success and happiness.

My own children have struggled with their own ups and downs.

I have been very blessed in my life, and my children automatically expect to have my success or better.

Facing disappointments, they have said to me, “But, you always said I was special.”

I have been encouraged to share this letter with you that I wrote to them a while back. I have other letters too, that I have written to them, but they probably will not find them until long after I am gone.

The Letter:

You ask – Are you special?

This is an important question.

I will be honest, with honesty taken from my own good and bad life experience of 65+ years.

You have the tremendous potential to be special.

You MUST be humble.

A person (even a king) is not born special. What makes that person special is determined by what they do for others instead of ONLY themselves. A person wholly focused on themselves lives in a hell of emptiness as a needy person.

Others will never be able to give you what you need.

Look at the North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, a person so self-absorbed that it fills his everyday experience. He must be a haunted man. Trying to fill his constant need becomes a hell on earth. The respect is not real, the power unstable. This is like trying to light a fire with wet wood, if it lights at all, it will go out.

If he simply cared more about his people than himself, life would become easily heaven on earth and he would be loved.

What defines you is how YOU TREAT OTHERS.

It is true some people will treat you unfairly in life – but this never defines you, and most often it is not about you. Most often lack of desired respect, or unfriendliness, from others defines a self-absorbed person totally oblivious to you.

You must be resilient, and never stalled by the negative actions of others.

Sometimes you just need to get out of the way.

Give first. Every day live life for others, beginning with what is reflected in the warmth of your words and expression on your face. Love others, and they will love you. People love you for the way YOU MAKE THEM feel. Truly love people, and they will love you back for it. Everyone needs love.

Anything that I have done that became special had its motivation and focus upon others, and not myself. Anything, that I have done JUST FOR MYSELF, being self-absorbed, was a miserable failure.

I have failed many times.

So, what was the secret of my success?

You’ve had a front row seat witnessing a miracle, but I cannot give you this through inheritance, you must claim this miracle directly for yourself.

My secret of success, I have asked God’s help. Repeatedly, over and over again, I have asked God to help me. When I listened, God came through, empowering me, balancing and giving me the way, and the means.

A person is a conduit, not a container of specialness.

God power – empowering through the human.

Ask God for help.

Don’t take yourself so seriously, take the Divine that infills you VERY seriously.

Remember to laugh, especially at yourself.

You were born into privilege because the miracle had already started. But position, or rank of power of another only gives you a higher launching pad to create your own service to others. A soul’s mission is individual – you cannot escape this. You cannot live in reflected light; you must create your own.

It is easy – because God is light. Each person must ask God individually. Life will be easy, and sometimes it will be hard – you will live in both areas at times. When in a hard area of life ask God for courage, energy, and fortitude. I promise your life will become easy and bright again as it has for me many, many times.

What is it up to you as a human to do?

Don’t drop the ball.

Maintenance, or maintain what is given to you.

You can have houses, new cars, ever-increasing success. Of their own they will rot and decay.

Everything requires maintenance. The delightful puppy, the beautiful plant.

Relationships require maintenance, like a plant, it dies without attention.

Homan’s law says: “What price – profit?

When looking at that shiny new object always ask yourself the question “What will it take to maintain this, and am I willing to make that commitment every day?”

If you’re not willing to work to maintain – don’t proceed. The possession will end up possessing you.

Do I think you’re special?

Yes, very.

I have seen it many times.

I think you are outstanding.

But what you have done so far is just the tip of the iceberg of what you are capable of doing with God.

I urge you to save this letter.

Read at different stages in your life, at times, you will be more open to this message.

I love you,


Dear God, Help me to be more of a blessing to others today than yesterday more of a blessing tomorrow than today.

Help me to use my life to brighten the darkness wherever found. Come through me, as me.

In Jesus Christ’s name … Amen

POSITIVE DAILY AFFIRMATION: I rise to dedicate my life to being the best that I know how to be in the moment.

POSITIVE DAILY QUOTE: “Just remember, you can do anything you set your mind to, but it takes action, perseverance and facing your fears.”
Gillian Anderson


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