Positive Daily Inspiration – January 17, 2023 – Tuesday Prayer and Meditation

Positive Daily Inspiration - January 17, 2023 - Tuesday Prayer and Meditation

“We have not ceased praying for you and asking that you may be filled with the knowledge of God’s Will in all spiritual wisdom and understanding.” Colossians 1:9

You are God’s radiant, loving child. Think of your heart as God’s abode of love, your thoughts as God’s love messengers, your life as God’s lighthouse of love. Through the Spirit of Divine love, you can be absolutely sure of your perfect wholeness, of the harmonious outworking of Divine love in your life.

Consent now to the full love of God in the silence of prayer …

Love makes you certain of the goodness of God. God’s innate good, the likeness of God in the heart of humans, for love, is an image of God. It is not a lifeless image, but the living essence of the Divine nature which beams full of all goodness. Love and faith are inseparable, and you have both in you now. To love is to have faith, and to have faith is to love that in which your faith is placed.

Your love is not blind. Divine love, that penetrating eye of God’s Truth, looks straight through and beyond every imperfection to behold the goodness, radiance, and limitless possibilities of every person. You are empowered to perceive spiritually. Divine love beholds the light of health and life shining through every individual cell in you. The grace and perfection of God is being made manifest in all creation.

God’s message of love to you is a message of wholeness and eternal life. God’s word of love to you is one of protection and provision. God’s light of love is one of faith and understanding. God’s gift of love is one of Divine heritage and power.

Rest in this Divine heritage in the silence of prayer …

Your love shines with the glory of heaven. Your love cannot be wasted or lost. Your love is under the sponsorship of God. Even if love is not returned by the person on whom it is bestowed, it flows back to you. And when it flows back, it softens the things that appear selfish and unjust, to fulfill God’s perfect law and triumph over ungraciousness, loneliness, or misunderstanding.

Your love inside of you is not weak. The love that is inside of you is the greatest power you have ever known. It is the power by which Jesus Christ healed, forgave, and taught the people, the power by which He keeps in constant touch with you through His indwelling spirit of love in your heart right now, the power by which every good and every kindness is inspired and brought forth.

Love is making you happy this day. Love is creating in you a happy spirit. Love is creating in you a happy heart, a happy disposition, and a happy countenance. You are a wise person. You laugh with love, and you are immersed in the very joy of living and the very joy of loving. Love is lifting you up. It is lifting up your entire spirit as you pray this day. This love that you are feeling is unresponsive to fear. This love that you have within you is courageous. This love is blessing you now.

In the silence of prayer …

Through the power of love inside of you, you have the power and the courage to forgive, to cleanse, to purify yourself.

I decree in Jesus Christ’s name, you have inside of you a Divine vitality, working now to get rid of the ills, the cares, and the sorrows of human life. God is working with you now, blessing you, cleansing you, and purifying you with God love.

Your eyes will have a new vision of love. Your body will have a new vision of wholeness. Your countenance will have a new vision of happiness. And your mind will have a new vision of peace and abundant thought. You are harmonized through the power of Divine vitality. You are made pleasant within by the love of God expressing itself through you.

This is so, this spiritual day, as we follow Jesus Christ in His main teachings – forgiveness and love.

Thank You God … Amen.

POSITIVE DAILY AFFIRMATION: God, and God’s perfect love, pours out God’s abundant good upon me, and my life and world show forth God’s perfect order. God’s perfect law of adjustment regulates all the circumstances of my life, and all things are now in Divine order.

POSITIVE DAILY QUOTE: A simple act of kindness stimulates the immune system in the forgiver, the receiver, and the observer. A simple act of kindness benefits the whole society.

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