Positive Daily Inspiration – January 25, 2023 – THANK YOU, GOD, FOR YOUR HELP

Positive Daily Inspiration - January 25, 2023

“Seek God’s kingdom, and these things shall be yours as well.”
Luke 12:31

Thank you, God, for Your loving presence upon which I can always depend.

Thank You for the love with which You constantly surround me.

Thank You for the abundant supply You make available to me.

Thank You for fulfilling my every need.

Thank You for guiding me.

Thank You for supplying me with right answers.

Thank You, God, for the beauty that is present everywhere I look.

Thank You for the variety of sights, sounds, tastes, and aromas that delight me.

Thank You for the little things that add to life’s enjoyment.

Thank You for Your grace and forgiveness.

Thank You for letting me truly accept them, thus freeing me from anguish and sorrow.

Thank You for teaching me how to forgive others, and how to love in your way, unconditionally.

Thank You for the protection, the warmth, and the security You provide.

Thank You for helping me realize what is really important in life, and what it is that I really seek.

Thank You, God, for teaching me, daily, to rely more on You.

Thank you for helping me to make the decision to quit worrying, to let go, and to let You manage my life.

Dear God,

I have made the decision to let go of the feeling that everything depends upon me and my efforts. I have decided to let go of the tendency to feel hurt or rejected when there is misunderstanding. Thank you for helping me let go of fearful thinking, to let go of anxious concern for my dear ones.

I thank You, God; I follow Jesus by trusting you. I know that You are with me and my dear ones. I thank You, Dear God, for your goodness. I have faith that nothing can stand between me and my good. I know that God’s will for me is good and the only good.

In great gratitude and thanksgiving, I now turn everything over to God.

In total trust, I say in prayer-


God, here are my needs, here are my problems, here are my dear ones. I turn them over to Your perfect care and keeping. What I cannot seem to do, You can do through me. I trust Your power. I rely on Your strength, God. I thank you!

I am enthusiastic about my life and praise God for every part of it.

“Wash your face every morning in a bath of praise.”
Charles Spurgeon

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