Positive Daily Inspiration – March 3, 2023 – JOY

Positive Daily Inspiration - March 3, 2023

“Then I will go to the altar of God, to God my exceeding joy.” Psalms 43:4

Anything you practice becomes you. Practice joy.

The weekend is coming up – what better time to practice joy than now. Don’t wait until everything is perfect; for if you do life will pass you by.

Joy is a contagious state of mind. True joy can’t be hidden; it shows in a radiant face, a spring in the step, a happy tune hummed or whistled. Joy is catching. We thank God that this is so. Joy is something all of us want to catch. And there is scientific proof that it keeps us from catching other things that we do not want. A joyful attitude builds our immune system as well as our life.

A day spent in joy is not wasted and may be remembered in the memory forever.

When we have joy, we want to spread it. We find joy as we express it to others. A word of joyful encouragement, a small service, a friendly smile all adds to the joyful experience of life.

Look for joy and you will find it. We find joy in watching the sunrise, or a child at play. Joy overflows in us as we express our gratitude to God for love, for life, for joy itself. With joy in our heart, we find it easier to rise above the problems of daily living and to see that solutions exist and, with God’s help, are within our reach. We discover more harmonious ways of relating to other people around us. We experience greater health of body and peace of mind.

The more joy you have, the more you will have an interest in life itself. You will have the ability to constantly draw from life and constantly return to life the product of your interest – your joy in living.

You need never feel isolated from the mainstream of life. With every prayer you pray, you stir up a new interest in life and joyful living. You are aware of your oneness with life that unites you with others and draws from you and appreciation of the joy of life in all creation.

Living in the mainstream of life, you are swept along to joyous fulfillment. In faith you joyfully know that God is keeping you on a steady course toward your own fulfillment and also toward the fulfillment of God’s perfect plan for all of life.

Living in joy, you find that your soul is satisfied continually.


Dear God, I pray that I live my life in joy.

Whatever is keeping me from the full expression of joy, I pray that it is spiritually removed, or that I can look beyond it, to discover the true beauty in my life.

I WILL live more; I WILL expand my awareness; I WILL live in joy.

Help me dear God to realize this now.

In Jesus Christ’s name … Amen

I am NOW a full expression of the joy of God!

“My favorite part of the game is the opportunity to play.”
Mike Singletary

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