Positive Daily Inspiration – July 13, 2023 – GOD’S WISDOM

Positive Daily Inspiration - July 13, 2023

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“Wisdom giveth life to them that have it.”
Ecclesiastes 7:12

Do you ever feel at a dead end?
God’s wisdom gives new life to you!

Sometimes it may seem as though life is a endless series of decision-making situations. Perhaps you have a decision to make this day. Many of the situations seem to demand constant decision-making.

In Isaiah 58:11 our Bible states, “And the Lord will guide you continually.” God does not guide you once and then leave you hanging. God helps and continues to help.

If you ever feel the loss for a solution to some problem, you need to reaffirm your faith in the infinite wisdom of God. If you turn today to God in prayer, know that God will be waiting to help you. Turn in the quietness of prayer to your eternal source of peace and understanding. As you attune yourself to Divine wisdom, you begin to sense a feeling of peace about things. You know that God has the perfect answer and that this answer is being revealed to you. In Jeremiah 33 it states, “Call to me and I will answer you, and will tell you great and hidden things that you have not known.”

Your human mind can be a receiver for the outpouring of the wisdom of God. Many Bible people have experienced this and the great life that it brings. In First Corinthians 4:4 the writer states, “I know nothing of myself.”

The human being that relies upon God’s wisdom has the power of genius working in her, or him. You will be able to trust your intuition that will always lead you to the right answers. Because God leads you to the right answers continually, you will be able to listen to God throughout the day. You will be able to use God’s wisdom to make wise choices. Part of true wisdom is seeing beyond appearances to what is truly there. You will be able to choose what is right and good for you when you seek insight from God.

I pray with you that when you go to God you receive your answer. I know that God has the perfect answer and that this answer will be revealed to you. When you become receptive in prayer to Divine wisdom, you are free from anxiety. God goes ahead of you guiding you with Divine wisdom. You calmly meet the issues of life with the assurance that with God’s help you will see the right path clearly and follow it without mistake.

Problems are nothing to God. Every problem can be solved in a wonderful way as you keep attuned to God’s wisdom and rely on the all-knowing, all-loving presence with you.



Dear God, I face a decision-making situation and I ask Your help. Think through my human mind and open my human eyes to see more than human seeing. I am willing to see new and better ways to go. I ask You to guide my steps. I pray that You will give me continuous wisdom that will give my life God-given genius-power.

In Jesus Christ’s name … Amen


My mind is not alone, I am immersed in the wisdom of God. I make wise decisions.


“For hope is but the dream of those that wake.”
Matthew Prior


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