Positive Daily Inspiration – September 18, 2023 – Strong in the Lord

Positive Daily Inspiration - September 18, 2023
Strong in the Lord

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“Be strong in the Lord and in the strength of God’s might.”
Ephesians 6:10

Today you are strengthened with all might by the power of God in you. Strength of mind, strength of spirit, strength of emotions, and strength of body are yours as you realize the power of God in you.

You are strong and stable in the midst of confusion or unrest, for you have faith in God to make all things right. Your faith gives you the strength of spirit, and strength of emotions.

You are strong and fearless in any circumstance or situation because you know that God is with you strengthening you and filling you with courage and fortitude.

Today, you are strong and vitally alive, for the life of God in the midst of you is powerful and life sustaining. Your strength is increased, your vitality is renewed, and you are whole and well in mind and body.

You are strong and capable, for you are strengthened by all might with the full power of God. You have God-given strength, God-given energy, and God-given abilities with which to accomplish all things.

You turn your attention away from weakness to God’s strength. You turn your whole attention to God. You lay aside every problem. You let go of all tension and with your whole heart you say: Here I am, God.

You listen for God’s Word of inspiration. You rest and you feel your oneness with God. In God, your strength is complete. In God, you have new confidence. In God, you find faith to know that all will be well. In God, you are on your path to your divine purpose.

In a still knowing, and peaceful reassurance, you open your mind to think thoughts that God gives you. You open your heart and let God’s love fill it to overflowing.

God’s love will be allowed to go forth from you to bless those that you meet.

No matter what the appearance you know that God’s presence is now at hand. You feel God’s strength all through this day. You feel God’s guidance. You place yourself and all that concerns you in God’s care and keeping. All worry leaves you, and you are at peace. You trust God with all your heart and you look to God as the answer to your every need.



Dear God, thank You for always being present in my life and in this moment I give You my full attention.
As You show up for me, so I show up for You.
I am ready to be more.

In Jesus Christ’s name … Amen


Here I am God, use me.


“People who throw kisses are haplessly lazy.”
Bob Hope


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