Name: Brooke Hurst – Date: 11/16/2023 19:09:56 – Prayer Request: “Because I could not…”

Name: Brooke Hurst - Date: 11/16/2023 19:09:56

Prayer Request: Because I could not stop for Death
He kindly stopped for me
The carriage held but just ourselves
And Immortality

We slowly drove – He knew no haste
And I had put away
My labor and my leisure too,
For His Civility-

Emily Dickenson
Because I could not stop for Death

Father George and all the Catholic family,

Why are we pretending to meet tomorrow; we know I am off with guns and security tonight (orders from family, friends, community members and none other than Tom Brady himself). To be transferred from Hot Springs to a hospital outside of this city. A surgery is scheduled and doctors are preparing for intensive shock therapy and lobotomy type surgeries.

Let us not kid ourselves, I am so scared of what is to come yet simply too tired to fight any longer. His Disney castle is ready and he is waiting to take his beautiful queen to her throne. A wedding I am very aware of and can only imagine is much like that from the Cinderella book. Filled with money, fame, and grandeur.

But, my story is not that. As I get closer to this meeting of security and institutionalization I am frankly shocked at how little I matter. Wow, if anyone had told me this plan had been set up in 2019 when I was just working my little heart out at Little Bitty City. As that revered pediatric Physical therapist I had worked so hard to become. Starting my dry needling business (Body Tune) and dating online hoping for marriage.

My fate has changed in so many short months; simply a nightmare every day. Thank you for the note I received last night as I ate my two snacks from the lovely women in the latino community. Who so boldly cleaned my papers off the desk and removed my last cracker to the trash can. And storming into the adoration chapel to speak in spanish about my eating multiple cosas and being so ugly.

I worked for three years to interpret this language of hatred and malice. And now after three months of taking the many non verbal cues given by so many simple minds; I figured it out.

Tom Brady has interrupted my life; making me one of the most sad and neglected women on this planet. He intercepted my youtube channel in Mexico, playing Mariah Carey and promising love with each song that was hand picked for me to listen to. Our special little bond, that has now destroyed my confidence in myself and made me fear my own sanity. See below his favorite song; I thought wow I have finally made it and this is what I have worked so hard to stay single for. Only, this is a joke for show and the songs I picked out to confirm my feelings were used as tools for putting into a long term facility. This is social media at its finest.

Timothy Bloom Lyrics

Play “Til The End Of Ti … “
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“Til The End Of Time”
(feat. Vee Bozeman)

[Timothy Bloom:]
Oooooooh … if I should die tomorrow
Oh please let there let there be life
Laawwd, no need for sorrow,
Let’s just make love until the morning light

I want you to remember me …
I want you to remember me …
Lead on my legacy until the end of time … … yeah …
Laaa laaa la la la la la la la
Laaa laaa la la la la la la la
Laaa laaa la la la la
Until the time

Listen Baby …
Booooooy, put it inside of me,
Go ahead and inplant your seed until the end of time
And aaahhhhh … if you should die tomorrow,
Seed will live on inside of me

[Timothy Bloom:]
I want you to remember me, hey
I want you to remember me

I’ll lead on your legacy, baby
Until the end of time

[Timothy Bloom:]
Laaa laaa la la la la la la la
Laaa laaa la la la la la la la
Laaa laaa la la la la
Until the time

Ooooh … baby I don’t know what tomorrow holds

Cause i know you won’t leave this world alone

Let’s make it official
We can make this house a home
Forever and ever beyond the end of time

Laaa laaa la la la la la la la
Laaa laaa la la la la la la la
Laaa laaa la la la la
Until the time

Please understand youtube is not real and I am not going to be with him till the end of time.

I am asking to cancel our meeting for tomorrow and please pray for a better outcome than what I am looking to in the coming hours.

Sincerely, Brooke Hurst