Positive Daily Inspiration – November 13, 2023 – God’s Help is Available Now

Positive Daily Inspiration - November 13, 2023
God's Help is Available Now

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“Your ears shall hear a word behind you, saying,’This is the way, walk in it.'”
Isaiah 30:21

God is ready when you’re ready, God is waiting to help!

Today, know fully that God’s healing presence is with you, and within you. Permit yourself to truly experience God’s healing, allow the Divine perfection to permeate to the depths of your soul. As you pray with, us God’s healing presence fills your heart bringing energy and wholeness to your body and mind. You now let the fullness and the power of God’s help being known to you.

God is ready and willing to help you. God is ready to heal, uplift, and bring total well-being. Even in the most difficult challenges and experiences, God’s helpis available to you. God’s healing activity in your life awaits your full conscious acceptance of it. God is ever-ready to bless you, and to bring complete well-being to you, regardless of past or present difficulties.

When your soul is hushed and receptive, the fullness of the power of God’s healing presence is known in your mind, body, and soul. There is never a time that God’s help is not available to you. There is never a time that it is hidden from you, or will be too deep, or too complicated, for you to receive or understand.

No matter how bleak, negative, or painful the circumstance may seem, God’s healing presence is in the midst of you. With God you are ensured of having ALL the help you need, when you need it.

God will provide wisdom, all the love you call for, and all the peaceful feelings you desire.

Learn to consistently hush all doubts, as a beloved child of God you are capable of discovering Divine help for every need.

The most powerful action you can take in a time of need is to turn to God. You will wake to your worthiness as a child of God’s good. Daily build and rebuild your own foundation of faith in God’s help at hand. God’s presence will be so clearly understood that you will find your whole soul responding in wholeness.

God says to you – You are worthy of the best help in surmounting all challenges.

God’s help is available to you NOW!



My thoughts, words, and actions are guided by the illuminating power of God’s help.

My mind and body are renewed and revitalized through the healing power of God.

I am inspired to successful living by the prospering power of God’s good.

My life becomes love, order, and peace as I express the harmonizing power of God.

The love of God radiates from me to establish peace, harmony, and understanding throughout my family and friends.


“The Spirit is truthful and takes us at our word, if we say, ‘I am foolish and ignorant,” it lets us be what we say we are.”
Emma Curtis Hopkins


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