Positive Daily Inspiration – November 2, 2023 – Divinely Guided

Positive Daily Inspiration - November 2, 2023
Divinely Guided

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“You did not choose me, but I chose you.”
John 15:16

Don’t think alone, ask for the wisdom of God to come through you – and it will!

We make choices daily. Some seem simple to make while others seem so difficult that we may question ourselves. “What if I make the wrong decision? Who will be affected and in what ways? How do I know what the right choice is?”

Even by not acting, we are making a choice, so making choices cannot be avoided.

God knows the right choice.

Each one of us is endowed with a level of intuition, which has been called “wisdom of the heart.” This intuition is always available to us and working for us. As we trust in God, answers come in the form of feelings or a certain knowing.

Do not think alone, ask for the wisdom of God to come through you and it will.

In prayer or meditation, we nurture our intuition and it increases. By regularly going into the silence of prayer we reinforce our intuitive faculty. Then we know that we are receiving Divine guidance in making the right choice. We are open to spiritual enlightenment, and we act on it with great faith. The level of genius of God mind cannot be measured.

God has created a system of order and rightness for the universe. For everything there is a time and the season. A tiny seed contains a potential flower, and the proper conditions activate the unfolding of the flower.

You know that God is active in your life, and every stage of life is a stage of growth. Even right now you are being prepared for greater good. This inner preparation is occurring in you this moment. You will use this moment to sow seed thoughts of faith in a bountiful harvest of good.

Before you are vistas of boundless opportunities. You will not waste another seed thought on worry or doubt. Today you begin to use your thinking to accomplish great good. As you call on the good habits of positive thinking – you work with God. You allow God to think through you with genius level thoughts. You allow God to guide you. Through positive thinking you will find it easier to comprehend the positive intuitive guidance that comes from God.

You will find that you have a mighty source of the inner strength.

In the garden of life, you plant seed thoughts from which you want to reap a harvest. Prayers for guidance, vigor and vitality illumine your mind and your life unfolds in Divine order.



Dear God, I go to You this day and I seek Your guidance.
I no longer want to think alone.
Touch my mind with Your genius.
Show me the way where to my own human mind I see no way.
Help me to see the bigger picture beyond my little thoughts.
I ask, I seek, I think, and I will comprehend Your way.

Thank You God for showing me the way. Amen


God today manifests wisdom, guidance, and understanding in my life.


“Success is getting … what you want. Happiness is wanting … what you get.”
Bernard Meltzer


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