Name: hb -Date: 03/13/2024 08:40:28 – Prayer Request: “I need some powerful…”

Name: hb -Date: 03/13/2024 08:40:28

Prayer Request: I need some powerful healing right now for my partner. Positive thoughts, prayers, and intentions are needed. My partner of the last seven years who was diagnosed with bipolar a decade ago has been in a psychotic mania for the last few months. After several police calls, trips to the hospitals, burning property, and him even attacking my father physically, he is finally in a mental health facility for treatment.

Currently, I have an order of protection, due to his recent toxic behavior, which states he cannot return to the home and he cannot contact me unless it is regarding his medical care. In the state of IL, a patient is able to leave a mental health facility against dr’s wishes and five days (they started the count on Monday) and he is planning on leaving on Friday although his dr told me in his medical opinion he needs to be hospitalized and medicated for at least another week before he will stable enough to leave. I have agreed that I will consider letting him return to the home if he is stable. However, in his current state, he is choosing homelessness rather than staying in the facility until the dr says he is clear to leave. He needs to accept that the treatment is best for him.

He is reluctant to admit that there is a problem with his behavior at all. In fact, he believes he is fine and that his doctors think he is fine. However, I know that is untrue as I spoke with his psychiatrist and social worker at the mental facility as well as his nurse at delnor and all agree that he is in a psychotic maniac as part of bipolar 1. The psychiatrist recommended medication which he was reluctant to take at first. He has been there since Friday evening but finally took his first dose today. However, he is still insisting on leaving early against medical advice. Please hold space that he will realize that he needs treatment and agree to stay in the program as long as the dr recommends and will recognize the hurt that he has caused.

Thank you all!