Positive Daily Inspiration – March 25, 2024 – JUSTICE

Positive Daily Inspiration - March 25, 2024

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“Behold, God is my helper; the Lord is the upholder of my life.”
Psalms 54:4

You do not resign yourself today to believing that any appearance of the injustice is permanent. Rather, you cultivate a spiritual reliance on God, and on God’s unlimited provision of justice and order in your life.

Your faith in God is a tower of strength and stability that enables you to remain poised in the midst of any discussion or confusion. You trust in God, implicitly, to right every wrong, to dissolve every misunderstanding, and to heal every hurt.

You remain unwavering in your belief that God is present and active at all times and in all situations.

You do not doubt that God’s good will be established, for you acknowledge your oneness with God. You rest secure in the truth that God, inevitably and invariably, sets all things right and blesses all people. God’s Law of love and justice is actively bringing about justice and right outcomes, for you and everyone concerned. God is working on your behalf, even when you sleep, and all is well, because your justice is from God.

Divine justice is not something that is reserved for a special few. God’s justice is available to you and to us all. Therefore, let us always be aware of our expectations – what we think we deserve or will receive.

Are we expecting to be treated fairly?

Are we prepared to receive the good justice that we are truly open to?

Our responsibility is to believe that we are deserving of justice. We have the Divine right to be treated fairly and the Divine responsibility to treat others fairly.

God’s justice is being expressed through us when we behold all people as beloved children of God. In this way, we are acknowledging that everyone is worthy of just treatment.

We are all beloved children of God. God cares for and about each one of us. As we hold to this realization, justice will constantly manifest itself in our lives.



In Jesus Christ name, I pray that I am surrounded and enfolded in the safety and fairness of God.
I pray that God works through the mind of every human being on my path.
I pray that God works through my mind, also, giving me the spiritual power to communicate on a higher plane, and to express myself with a great eloquence that is the voice of love.
May there be a perfect agreement and a coming together for the mutual good of all, under the Divine umbrella of God’s justice.

In Jesus Christ Name … Amen


The keynote of my life is fairness and safety, knowing that God cares for me.


“Justice denied anywhere diminishes justice everywhere.”
Martin Luther King, Jr.


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