Positive Daily Inspiration – April 15, 2024 – Revealing

Positive Daily Inspiration - April 15, 2024

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“A fool has no delight in understanding, but only that his heart will reveal itself.”
Proverbs 18:2

Once I was in Florence Italy. The beauty of the artwork was overwhelming, it shows what one man or woman can achieve. Often, we stop ourselves in achieving greatness because we believe less of ourselves than God does of us. Our God-given abilities can achieve greater works than we might presently believe.

The dictionary defines a “fool” as one who shows him or her, by words or actions to be deficient in judgment.

Most of the time it is NOT other people that fool us, but WE OURSELVES !

Why is it that we say one thing and do another? We decide we are going to start an exercise program – tomorrow. Tomorrow comes and the goal is put off until another tomorrow. If questioned, we say that we want to do this above all else, and yet in action we do not follow through. We are NOT fooling others, WE ARE FOOLING OURSELVES.

Many people that have attended our seminars, and cruises have changed their lives, and many have not. The ones who did change, really wanted to, and they did it. But some did not. This always saddens my heart to see missed opportunity.

In the same way you have known people, who say they want to stop drinking, smoking, or go on a diet, but the desired activity was put off until there were no more tomorrows to put it off into.

Michelangelo worked on 44 statues in his life, but he only finished 14.

We are familiar with the ones that he completed – David in Florence Square, and Moses to mention a couple.

But the 30 he never finished are very interesting –

In a huge chunk of marble is sculpted an elbow, the beginning of a wrist; but the rest of the human is still locked up in the marble.

On another piece, the leg is out, thigh, knee, calf, heel, ankles, toes –

But the rest of the body is still frozen in marble. It will never come out! Seeing these in a museum — the thought strikes you – of all the tragedies in life, the greatest one is for a person to live and die and never know what their possibilities were.

I rode in the car with a man one time that was going on and on about how important the 55-mph speed limit was. As he talked, on and on, about how it had saved lives and accidents, I noticed the speedometer in his car. All the time that he was talking about how important going 55 miles an hour was, he was driving at least 75 miles an hour. He was fooling himself.

There is one way to stop fooling yourself. Do what you say you’re going to do without delay. Start now! Ask God’s help to motivate you and give you discipline.



Dear God, I speak to You today in complete gratitude and thankfulness. Thank You for your loving care in the past, in the present and always. I am very grateful and thankful for Your help in every need. Thank you for taking care of every one of us. Your provision is always farsighted for all of our needs. I know that as I am aware of you taking care of me you are taking care of the needs of all the people all over the world.

Dear God, my heart and mind joins in gratitude for Your wise guidance, Your still small voice that can be heard when I quiet myself enough to hear. You whisper in my ear words that are loving and reassuring. Thank You for Your wonderful teaching leading me to new heights of joy in living. Your strong assurance keeps me steady in all my ways. Just knowing that You are always with me fills me with gratitude. I feel Your presence guiding me, inspiring me, helping me and healing me. You are my tower of strength to walk through and face anything with courage. Thank You for always blessing me.

Dear God, You always know the best way that I should go. The certainty of knowing that I go to meet with my good that you have prepared for me fills me with gratitude. I thank You and I love You for all this. I realize that I will never fully know in human mind all that you do for me, for it is greater than my human comprehension.

Today and always, I know that You hold me in Divine order and harmony. You hold me in the rhythm and abundance of Your endless life. I know that I am forever established in Your health and well-being. You hold me in the rhythm of opportunity and abundance. Your good runs to meet me from every side. I am established in your riches and plenty. With every breath I take, with every step I take, I am more aware that I am preserved in the bounty that You have created.

I thank You God for Your endless love and care for myself, my family, friends and people everywhere.


In Jesus Christ’s name … Amen


I place myself and my life in the loving heart of God.


“It is impossible to enjoy idling thoroughly unless one has plenty of work to do.”
Jerome K Jerome


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