Positive Daily Inspiration – April 19, 2024 – I CAN

Positive Daily Inspiration - April 19, 2024

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“Commit your way to the Lord; trust in God, and God will act.”
Psalms 37:5

It is very foolish to forget about God’s help. God’s help is ever-available.

There was a man by the name of Russell Kemp. While he was walking along a seashore, he was in a bad mood, thinking negatively that he could not do something. In a sudden reaction, he decided that it was negative to be thinking that he could NOT do the thing he desired to do. He knew the thoughts he was thinking were like prayers, so he decided to stop this misuse of his thoughts, and switched the creative energy of his thinking to thoughts of “I can.”

What a difference this thought made!

I can! This is the affirmative impulse of existence, the very success principle of faith. You cooperate with God by thinking in harmony with the forward, creative, constructive thrust behind your life.

He said, “The great waves breaking on the shore in joyous obedience to the moon’s restless pull, thundered, ‘I can, because I obey my power.’ The seagulls, balancing, circling, screaming with joy like happy children as they displayed their exquisite skill in riding air currents, were exultantly declaring, ‘I can!’ The trees bending gracefully to the gusts from the sea were happily saying, ‘Look how I can yield and surrender to the wind, and then just as easily sway back.’

“The butterflies, hovering, flitting, sampling the blossoms, were saying, ‘I can dart here and there, on my fragile wings, fly on invisible guidelines for hundreds of miles. I can happily obey the unerring instinct of drive of the life force that fills me.’

“The radiant sun, the bright blue sky, the drifting clouds, all were saying, ‘I can!’

“What on earth ever came over me to walk in a downcast mood through this wonderfully happy scene, in a bad mood, glooming over the words, ‘I can’t?’

“Even if it seems humanly impossible, you will stop and consider further before you give up. You will ask yourself, “How do I know this is impossible? After all, many things that we do today were not too long ago considered impossible.

“It was impossible to talk on the telephone until Bell invented it and perfected it. Even then it seemed impossible to get manufactured because hardheaded businesspeople would not invest in it. They said, ‘It is only a toy. It will never work.’ Then Bell said, ‘I can make it work, for the principle is right.’ And he did.”

Have you been told that it is impossible for you to get well, to be in good health? Who says so? Why do you take the word of another person, however well-meaning and sincere? Has not Jesus said, “With God all things are possible!” You know that with God’s help you can be healed. You believe that God’s power is healing you now. What a difference a thought makes!

You think of yourself and picture yourself in happy, healthy terms — continued trouble-free health, superb health, vitality overflowing. Not only can you picture yourself in this way, but you believe in God’s power to make this an accomplished fact. God and you are working together.

Are you discouraged, disappointed? Do you feel defeated by life, have you given up trying? Decide today to switch to the success current. Say to yourself, “With God I can succeed, I can start over. I can claim and feel the flow of strength, courage, and power. I can bounce back. I will bounce back. I can, praise God, I can!”

Somehow, at the very depths of discouragement, it is easiest to reverse the failure currents of our thinking and switch to thoughts of success and good fortune, because we are subconsciously ready to rebound. The very nature of our being as children of God demands it. It is part of our spiritual DNA. It is impossible for God to fail, or even to conceive of failing. Only humans can conceive of failure. The human can succeed in making his or her false conviction of failure an apparent fact, only because their inherent success tendency has enabled them to do this. A person can say, “I am a failure,” and succeed in having their words fulfilled. Or, he or she can say, “I can be successful,” and have their words fulfilled.

Your mind cannot fail to respond to your thought. You are no fool and you realize this. You are totally switching the resistless energy of your thoughts and feelings into the lift, the positive flow, the drive of God’s successful will.

What a difference a thought makes. You can switch your thought currents, right now, if you need to.

However you feel about the past, you can prepare for a better tomorrow by surrendering your will to God. What does it mean to surrender to God? It does not mean giving up personal freedom or the ability to make your own choices. It does mean that you let go of thoughts or ways of living that may be limiting you, and let God show you a better way.

As April dawns, you have a clean slate upon which to write the experiences of your life. You can ensure that these experiences will uplift you by surrendering them to God and letting God’s will be done. God sees the bigger picture and knows the good that you have in-store. You are exchanging your thoughts of limitation and the experiences of yesterday for even greater blessings than you ever imagined possible.



Dear God, because I turn to You first I am filled with wisdom, direction, and guidance.

I have an inner strength. I have faith in my ability to get things done right the first time.

Thank You God for being my help in every need.



I relax and let go. The wisdom of God pervades my whole being, and I am shown the way.


“Shallow men believe in luck, strong men believe in cause and effect.”

Ralph Waldo Emerson


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