Positive Daily Inspiration – April 3, 2024 – God’s Harmony

Positive Daily Inspiration - April 3, 2024
God's Harmony

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“Love is the fulfilling of the law.”
Romans 13:10

Do you long for peaceful, harmonious relationships with the people in your home, neighborhoods, workplaces, and schools?

Of course, you do!

Because you want this, you give expression to Divine love in all your relationships. Truly. the Ph.D. of spirituality is to become loving ALL the time.

All love is from God. God’s love empowers you and indwells you. It is yours to express and radiate to each person with whom you associate.

Today, you are kind and courteous – you go the extra mile to be loving and not to react to discord. The harmony of God comes forth from within you, to ease every situation.

You are understanding and considerate, today. You are generous and warmhearted.

Christ’s love enables you to say and do what is most helpful in all your associations with other people.

Today, and every day, you are empowered by God to give expression to the loving Christ. In return, you receive friendly responses and loving cooperation, especially as those around you trust the actions of the “new” you.

The expression of Divine love, in every phase of your life, assures you of harmony and peace in your relationships. Divine love fills you and enriches your interactions with others.

If you find it difficult to be loving and compassionate to any certain person that may have mistreated you or ignored you, through God’s love, you can forgive and love again.

Let us remember that we are all children – inside adult bodies. We make mistakes and we say things that should not have been said, but how sad it would be to lock that child up, forever, in a prison of his or her mistake. We are here in this realm of life to love and to forgive.

Let us remember that Jesus exemplified love and compassion on the cross when he said: “Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do.” Luke 23:34

Jesus expanded the concept of forgiveness far beyond the understanding that prevailed at the time.

He knew that when people forgive those that hurt them, and have compassion for those who misunderstood them, they would find the sure path to spiritual unfoldment.

Through the personal empowerment of God’s love, you, too, can be loving and considerate and compassionate. You can forgive, readily and completely, when you are open to the inflow and outflow of the loving Christ. God’s love can do things through you, that you cannot do this moment on your own. God’s Love is like the ocean, you can see its beginnings but not its end.



Thank You God, for Divine love and for the ability to follow Your loving ways.



I am love in expression.


“Not all those who wander are lost.”
J.R.R. Tolkien


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