Name: Terry H – Date 7/10/2024 1:55:59 PM – Prayer Request: “Howdy ya’ll , Hope …’

Name: Terry H - Date 7/10/2024 1:55:59 PM

Prayer Request: Howdy ya’ll ,
Hope all of you are well this fine day. I decided to go public with this prayer because really what is there to hide when I am trying to help another or have concerns for another.
This is for a new brother of mine in recovery that I met about a year ago. We talk whenever we get a chance at the meetings. He just confided in me that he has esophagus cancer and is about to have a port put in for his chemo. They will try to shrink before next step. I feel for him because he is almost as old as me. So anyway I shared with him
about my own liver surgery this last Jan and how I was lucky enough to have all of you praying for me and how no chemo necessary for me. So I do want to Thank all of you for that again and all of coarse who will participate in my brothers healing. I believe strongly in the power there is when one or more are gathered and in agreement with the Father that everything and anything is possible. I am so grateful to be a part of that all by itself. I am sure that we can lift our new brother up. I know for me that my mental state has an awful lot to do with the outcome of the moment now and for sure will affect the future. So my brothers name is Danny J and I ask you to help me pray that he can
remain in peace and walk in this new faith we are walking in with him. He has quit smoking and I am sure is getting well already physically. We pray together that he will acquire this new strength that will keep him strong and able to walk thru this part of his life with grace and dignity. We pray that he realizes how much lighter he feels because he knows for sure all of us are praying for him starting now. I am Thankful to all of you this day to give yourself so freely to a higher cause as this. That’s one of the reasons I help support this ministry because it starting helping me in 98 when I needed so much help. I had the joy of meeting Chris back then before he started ministry. His prosperity coarse help me get a better job with only 2 weeks into it. Thank You -will send in update soon
Terry H.